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Killing Floor item
Alt-fire fires a healing dart
General Information
Perk Field Medic
Cost £3000
Weight 3
Can sell/buy Yes
- -
Weapon Information
Ammo cost (Magazine) £10
Ammo capacity 400 (N/A)
Magazine capacity 20
Damage 25 ( 20)
Impact damage {{{ImpactDamage}}}
Radius {{{Radius}}}
Head multiplier 110%
Pellets {{{Pellets}}}
Spread 0.01
Penetration {{{Penetration}}}
Rate of fire 0.06 (0.50)
Reload time 3.17
Regen rate 6.67
Attachments {{{AddOns}}}

Values listed in brackets are for alternate (secondary) fire.

The MP7M (H&K MP7) modified submachine gun is a great tool to any Medic's arsenal. In addition to its standard firing mode, pressing alt-fire will shoot darts that function just like the Medical syringe, effectively giving the Medic range to their healing capability. While all medics should carry this gun (or one of the other three Medic guns), it next to useless to other perks due to its low damage, very low base magazine size and high cost, but (if given by a high-level field medic) it can still be a cost-effective augmentation to team healing capability. In addition, the MP7M does not share its charge with the Medical syringe, meaning that if the MP7M is out of charge, players can use their Medical syringe to heal themselves or team mates while waiting for it to be usable again. The only disadvantage of the MP7M's medical dart is that players cannot heal themselves with it, and are forced to rely on the Medical syringe whenever they urgently need to heal themselves.

Even though the MP7M has an extremely high rate of fire, the disadvantages make the MP7M unreliable even to Medics, and it is advisable to keep a back-up weapon to ensure survival. The Crossbow is a good choice due to its high damage, its ability to penetrate multiple enemies and is also quite cheap, although it weighs quite a lot, bringing the Medic's speed down. Another example of a good back-up weapon would be the M32, the reasons being the same as the Crossbow only that it's a lot more costly than the Crossbow. A third choice would be the Katana, allowing the medic to employ hit and run tactics with freedom to switch to the MP7M at any time without being held back by the reload time of an extra weapon. Another choice is carrying the MP5M since both weapons do not share the same charge in their healing darts. One could infinitely shoot healing darts at his allies if his Medic perk is high enough.

Although an MP7M bought from the trader sells for £2250 by default and decreases with each level of the Medic perk, an MP7M spawned by a level 6 medic at the beginning of a game will sell for only £225.


The Medic perk gets a discount on the MP7M from the Trader and spawns with one at level 6.

Level Discount Price Sale Value Damage Magazine Size
Base 0% £825 £618 25 20
0 10% £743 £556 25 22
1 20% £660 £494 25 24
2 30% £578 £432 25 28
3 40% £495 £370 25 32
4 50% £413 £308 25 36
5 60% £330 £247 25 40
6 70% £248 £185 25 40


  • Fire short, controlled bursts. This SMG has rate of fire of nearly 1200 RPM, causing tremendous recoil.
  • Another alternative to burst firing is to line up multiple enemies and empty the magazine. This way you're sure that every bullet hits and you're not shooting more rounds than you need to.
  • Use the Alt-fire healing darts whenever you need to heal teammates away from you or your syringe is recharging.
  • The healing darts function exactly the same as the Syringe, save that it can be used at range; it is wasted when you miss, but can be used to heal faster.
  • If you find yourself unable to hit a player with darts, consider jabbing him/her with a Syringe.
  • The MP7M deals damage at a surprisingly decent rate, and killing several lesser specimens with a single magazine is doable if you avoid wasting ammo.
  • If you're a high level medic, you can buy MP7Ms for low cost, so consider offering to buy the other squad members MP7Ms if they've got the inventory space, allowing them to heal others at range as well. It could save a life, or more importantly, save you some work.
  • It is often cheaper to sell and rebuy the MP7M to refill ammo instead of filling the ammo traditionally, due to the fact that newly bought MP7Ms come with a full stock of ammo.
  • The dart doesn't have instant hit. It has some flying time. This means that you have to estimate where the target will be when the dart arrives. Hence, sometimes you must fire infront of the target in order for it to be healed. It would be wise to wait until your target is standing still or running straight ahead to fire.
  • Since the weapon has a slow syringe recharge, carry a faster recharging weapon, which also combos with the MP7M's low ammo capacity so you can continue firing, although, this is only advised if you completely prefer using the MP7M.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Allows healing from range.
  • Doubles your healing capacity, as it doesn't share charge with the Medical syringe.
  • Cheap for medics.
  • Extremely fast rate of fire.
  • Easy to aim red dot sight.
  • Plenty of backup magazines.
  • Low weight.
  • Level 6 medics spawn with it.


  • Low damage per shot.
  • Slow reload.
  • Unable to heal self.
  • Frequently requires reloading, as the magazines are depleted in one to two seconds, depending on medic perk level.
  • The healing dart is slightly glitched - sometimes, when you shoot at a player with it the game treats it as if you fired the dart at a wall; it will make the same noise and creates the same small cloud of white dust, but does not heal the target player.
  • Healing darts recharge slower than MP5.

Bugs and exploits

  • Sometimes when you fire a dart at one of your injured team mates, the hit doesn't register. This is determined if the impact uses a wall ricochet effect (rather than the MP7M's green splatter), or if the healing text is absent (even though the player's health is lower than 100). This is more prevalent in servers where you have a high ping.
  • The opposite can happen sometimes as well; you may hit the wall close to a player and get the green splatter. This can be even more troublesome as it isn't that easy to notice a misfire.