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Killing Floor item
Alt-fire launches a more powerful attack
General Information
Perk Berserker
Cost £2000
Weight 3
Can sell/buy Yes
- -
Weapon Information
Ammo cost ({{{AmmoBuyAmount}}}) £{{{AmmoCost}}}
Ammo capacity {{{Capacity}}}
Magazine capacity {{{Magazine}}}
Damage 135 (205)
Impact damage {{{ImpactDamage}}}
Radius {{{Radius}}}
Head multiplier 110%
Pellets {{{Pellets}}}
Spread {{{Spread}}}
Penetration {{{Penetration}}}
Rate of fire 0.67 (1.00)
Reload time {{{ReloadTime}}}
Regen rate {{{RegenRate}}}
Attachments {{{AddOns}}}

Values listed in brackets are for alternate (secondary) fire.
For the weapon of Killing Floor 2, see Katana (Killing Floor 2).

The Katana is a high-power melee weapon with high damage, a good swing speed, and a reasonably low weight. It is the fourth-most powerful melee weapon by swing. Its swing speed is a little higher than the Knife, but lower than the Machete, making it the second-most fastest melee weapon by speed. Its low weight means it is compatible with many loadouts.

As with all melee weapons it has the ability to back-stab for double damage, to which the head multiplier is then applied. Additionally, like other melee weapons it can also damage multiple enemies in a single swing.


  • Aim for the head, and time your swings.
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