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<figure>[./File:Bloat.jpg link=|301x301px]<figcaption resource="File:Bloat.jpg" height width>Bloat</figcaption></figure>

“Bloats will explode in a shower of acidic goop when they die. Keep your distance when taking them down.”

– Loading screen hint

The Bloat is a low-level specimen, with average health, average speed and average damage. Its unique ability is to vomit on players, causing disorientation and damage over time. Additionally, when killed it may explode, showering corrosive bile on nearby players. It is a fairly common enemy, and often spawns with clots.


See the specimen modifiers page for explanations of each field, as well as calculating for multiple players.

Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on earth
£11 £11
525 (25*)
814 (39*) 919 (44*)
21 24
91 97


  • Always try to take it down from a distance in order to avoid the bile explosion.


The Bloat is one of the more disturbing specimens created by Horzine, mainly because not all Bloats were clones. Horzine experimented with drugs to maintain a soldiers physical body, designed to combat against fatigue, muscle loss, even old age. Advertising them as weight loss supplements, Horzine recruited hundreds of obese men, and experimented on them.

The drugs were a complete failure. The test subjects grew even more obese, and their immune systems were genetically enhanced into an overdrive, making all of the subjects body fluids a toxic acid. But because the overall body chemistry and structure of the Bloats remained the same (i.e. human) their bodies violently rejected the toxin, making them vomit whenever the acid reached a critical level. Furthermore, significant damage to their bodies resulted in a violent rupturing of the cells in the Bloat, causing it to explode in a spray of acid.

Clamley, watching the experiments with interest, ordered the projects continue. This makes the Bloat one of the few specimens not specifically designed as a super soldier, and the only specimen not made by cloning.


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