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Herein follows a comprehensive list of all official specimens for Killing Floor:


Main article: Clot

“The Clot is not that dangerous - but does have a nasty habit of grappling you and not letting you get away, so keep him at a distance.”

– Loading screen hint


Main article: Crawler

“The Crawler. Interesting attempt to merge human and arachnid genes. Sort-of worked, too - these little nasties have a habit of appearing in all sorts of strange places!”

– Loading screen hint


Main article: Stalker

“The Stalker will be largely cloaked and very hard to see, until she is close enough to gut you. Listen carefully for her.”

– Loading screen hint


Main article: Gorefast

“The Gorefast tends to live up to its name, so watch out for it speeding in towards you.”

– Loading screen hint


Main article: Bloat

“Bloats will explode in a shower of acidic goop when they die. Keep your distance when taking them down.”

– Loading screen hint


Main article: Siren

“The Siren is a real screamer. Very nasty. Her screams actually hurt - and they'll destroy grenades and rockets in mid-air!”

– Loading screen hint


Main article: Husk


Main article: Scrake

“The Scrake. Yes, that is a chainsaw he's carrying. Nothing subtle about him!”

– Loading screen hint


Main article: Fleshpound

“The Fleshpound. Shooting him with small weapons just makes him mad. Think big, powerful weapons for this one!!”

– Loading screen hint


Main article: Patriarch

“The Patriarch. This is the Big One. Chain-gun. Rockets. And vicious up close, too!”

– Loading screen hint