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These are all the console commands that can be used in Killing Floor. Note that not all are actually useful; some are remnants of UT code.

All of those marked 'cheat' require that you first enable cheats using the enablecheats command.

All those marked 'UT' are provided by UT code, although possibly updated by the game.

Binding a command to a key

To bind any command to a key simply enter the following in the console, replacing parameters where necessary:

set input <key> <command>

You may also set a command to be called when the key is released, like so:

set input Z Behindview 1 | OnRelease Behindview 0

When you exit the game, the settings will be saved to user.ini.



These are provided in the CheatManager and KFCheatManager classes.

Command Description Cheat UT
AllAmmo Refills all currently owned weapons. Yes Yes
AllWeapons N/A Yes Yes
ArmorUp Gives full armor. Yes No
Arsenal 0/1 Gives all weapons. 0-None 1-MaxAmmo Yes No
AssaultMe Gives all Commando weapons. Yes No
Bombs 0/1 Gives all Demolitions weapons. 0-None 1-MaxAmmo Yes No
Bond Gives Golden Weapons Part I. Yes No
Bond2 Gives Golden Weapons Part II. Yes No
Camo Gives Camo Weapons. Yes No
EnableCheats Allows cheats to be used. Disables achievements and perk progress. Yes Yes
FlameUp 0/1 Gives all Firebug weapons. 0-None 1-MaxAmmo Yes No
Flare 0/1 Gives the Flare Revolver. 0-None 1-MaxAmmo Yes No
Flares 0/1 Gives the Dual Flare Revolver. 0-None 1-MaxAmmo Yes No
FrightPack 0/1 Gives the Fright Pack Weapons. 0-None 1-MaxAmmo Yes No
God Invincibility. Yes Yes
Heal Heals the player as if they were injected with the Syringe. Yes No
Horde Spawns a random horde of specimens. Yes No
IJC Gives the IJC weapons. Yes No
ImRich Gives £10000. Yes No
LaidLAW Gives the LAW. Yes No
Meds Gives all Field Medic weapons. Yes No
MeleeMe 0/1 Gives all Berserker weapons. 0-None 1-MaxAmmo Yes No
Nails Gives Vlad The Impaler. Yes No
Pistols Gives all pistols. Yes Yes
RifleMe Gives all rifles. Yes No
SMG Gives all sub-machine guns. Yes No
Shotty Gives all Support Specialist weapons. Yes No
Sniper Gives all Sharpshooter weapons. Yes No
ZED You've got Zed Eradication Device!. Yes No

Cheats (Other)

Most or all of these are provided in the cheat-related classes but are used for debugging.

Command Description Cheat UT
Amphibious N/A Yes Yes
Avatar N/A Yes Yes
Backup Spawns a friendly bot (does not work). Yes No
CauseEvent EventName Triggers an event. Yes Yes
ChangeSize Size Changes player size. Yes Yes
CheatView N/A Yes Yes
ClearAllDebugLines Clears all staying debug lines. No Yes
DisableNextObjective N/A Yes Yes
EndPath N/A No Yes
Fly Allows the player to fly around the map. Yes Yes
FreeCamera Changes to free camera mode. Yes Yes
FreezeAll Stops time for everything but the player. Yes Yes
FreezeFrame delay Pauses the game after a set delay. Yes Yes
Ghost Allows the player to fly and pass through walls. Yes Yes
HugeGnome Enlarges gnomes by 20 times their original size. No No
Invisible Makes your character invisible. Yes Yes
JumpMatch LadderRung N/A Yes Yes
KillPawns Kills all pawns (doesn't seem to work). Yes Yes
KillZeds Kills all specimens. Yes No
KillViewedActor N/A Yes Yes
ListDynamicActors Outputs a list of dynamic actors to the log. Yes Yes
Loaded N/A Yes Yes
LockCamera Locks the camera in its current position and rotation. Yes Yes
LogScriptedSequences N/A No Yes
MopUp Kills all specimens. Yes No
PatRage N/A Yes No
Phil N/A Yes Yes
PlayersOnly Stops time for everything but the player. Yes Yes
RememberSpot N/A Yes Yes
ReviewJumpSpots N/A Yes Yes
SetCameraDist Distance In 3rd person view, sets camera distance from player. Yes Yes
SetFlash Value N/A Yes Yes
SetFogB Value N/A Yes Yes
SetFogG Value N/A Yes Yes
SetFogR Value N/A Yes Yes
SetGravity Value Sets gravity. Yes Yes
SetJumpZ Value Sets jump height. Yes Yes
SetSpeed N/A Yes Yes
SkipMatch N/A Yes Yes
SloMo Speed Sets the game speed. Zed time overrides this when it occurs. Yes Yes
Summon Class Spawns a specimen of the selected class where the player is pointing. Yes Yes
Teleport Teleports to the location the player is looking at. Yes Yes
ViewActor N/A Yes Yes
ViewBot N/A Yes Yes
ViewClass N/A Yes Yes
ViewFlag N/A Yes Yes
ViewPlayer N/A Yes Yes
ViewSelf N/A Yes Yes
ViewTurret N/A Yes Yes
ViewZombie N/A Yes No
Walk N/A Yes Yes
WeakObjectives N/A Yes Yes
WinMatch N/A Yes Yes
WriteToLog Param Writes Param to the log file. No Yes
ruler N/A Yes Yes


These are provided in the Console and ExtendedConsole classes.

Command Description
AddCurrentToFavorites Adds the current server to the favorites list.
CLS Clears the console.
ConsoleClose Closes the console.
ConsoleOpen Opens the console.
ConsoleToggle Toggles the console.
DebugTabOrder ?
DLO ClassName, ClassType Calls DynamicLoadObject() for the selected class name and type.
DumpLoadingHints Param Dumps loading hints for all game types.
DumpPlayInfo Group Dumps the settings of any playinfo objects (debugging).
DumpRecords Type Dumps cache records.
InGameChat ?
MusicMenu Opens the native music player.
PlayWaitingGame N/A
ServerInfo ?
SpeechMenuToggle Opens the voice commands menu.
StartRollingDemo ?
StopRollingDemo ?
Talk Opens the chat input box with the 'Say' prefix.
TeamChatOnly ?
TeamTalk Opens the chat input box with the 'TeamSay' prefix.
Type Opens the chat input box without the 'Say' prefix, so that console commands can be entered directly.


These are provided in the HUD and HUDKillingFloor classes.

Command Description
HideScores Hides the tab window.
NextStats N/A
ShowDebug Shows debug information for the player.
ShowHud Shows/hides the HUD.
ShowScores Shows the tab window.
ShowStats N/A
ShrinkHUD N/A


These are provided natively by the engine.

Command Description
ShowLog Opens the log in a separate window, as if the game was launched with the -log command line parameter.
Set Class, Variable, Value Sets the value of all objects of a given class (and all of its subclasses) and the class default values themselves to Value.
EditActor Class=Class Displays an editable property sheet for the property values of the nearest actor of the given class. Only works in windowed mode.
EditActor Name=Name Displays an editable property sheet for the property values of the given actor. You may have to run the game with the -makenames command line parameter to have it assign unique names to every dynamically spawned actor.
EditDefault Class=Class Displays an editable property sheet for the default values of the given class.
EditObj ObjName Displays an editable property sheet for the given object. Like EditActor, but works for non-actor objects too.


These are admin commands, used for managing players and the game itself. These are provided in the AdminBase class.

Command Description
PlayerList Outputs a list of players to the log.
Kick Cmd, Extra Kicks the selected player.
KickBan Player Kicks and bans the selected player.
RestartMap Restarts the map.
NextMap Loads the next map in the list.
Map Map Loads the selected map.
Maplist Cmd, Extra ?
Switch URL ?


Most of these functions are provided in the pawn and controller classes, and related classes.

Command Description
ActivateInventoryItem InvItem N/A
ActivateItem N/A
Admin CommandLine Executes an administrative console command on the server.
AdminDebug CommandLine Same as above.
AdminGUI N/A
AdminLogin User, Pass Logs in as admin.
AdminLoginSilent User, Pass ?
AdminLogout Logs out as admin.
AdminMenu CommandLine N/A
AdminSay Msg Sends a chat message to all players, as administrator. The message appears in the middle of the screen, rather than in the chat area.
AltFire Secondary fire.
BasePath Num N/A.
BehindView bEnable Call with true to enable 3rd person view, or false to enable 1st person. Disables perk progression and achievements.
Bloom Toggles bloom on/off.
BWEffect Amount Enables black-and-white mode, with the intensity of the effect specified as a value between 0 and 1.0. Disables perk progression and achievements.
ChangeCharacter NewCharacter, optional inClass ?
ChangeTeam TeamNum N/A
ChatDebug ?
Check ?
CheckPriority Shows (in the log, console, and message area) the priority of all weapons the player is holding.
ClearProgressMessages ?
Command RecognizedString ?
CreateCameraEffect EffectClass ?
Crouch Crouch.
DisableVoiceChat Disables voice chat.
DropFlag N/A
EnableVoiceChat Enables voice chat.
Fire Primary fire.
ForceReload Reloads the player's weapon.
FOV Angle Changes the camera's field of view if the value passed is 80.0 or higher. Only works in single player or as a spectator.
FreeCamera bOn Enables/disables freelook mode.
GetWeapon WeaponClass Switches to the specified weapon. See the complete list of weapon class names here.
GetWeaponStats N/A
InvertLook N/A
InvertMouse bEnable (optional) Inverts the mouse's Y axis. If set to true, it sets the mouse to inverted mode. If set to false, it sets the mouse to regular mode.
IronSightZoomIn Aims down the sights if the current weapon has them.
IronSightZoomOut Stop aiming down the sights.
Join ChanName, ChanPwd ?
Jump Valud N/A
KillAll Class N/A
KillBots Num ?
L33TPhrase PhraseNum ?
Leave ChannelTitle ?
LocalTravel URL Local-equivalent of server travel.
Mutate MutateString Calls each loaded mutator's Mutate() function and passes the string entered.
NetDebugBot ?
NextItem ?
NextWeapon ?
Pause Pauses/unpauses the game.
PipedSwitchWeapon Group Same as SwitchWeapon.
PlayVehicleHorn HornIndex N/A
postfxbloom_blurmult Value Used for adjusting bloom settings. Valid range: 1.0 - 2.0 (default 1.5).
postfxbloom_bpcontrast Value Used for adjusting bloom settings. Valid range: 0.0 - 4.0 (default 3.0).
postfxbloom_gpucalcs Used for adjusting bloom settings.
postfxbloom_ratio Value Used for adjusting bloom settings. Valid range: 0.0 - 1.0 (default 0.5).
postfxbloom_ratiomax Value Used for adjusting bloom settings. Valid range: 0.0 - 1.0 (default 0.5).
postfxbloom_ratiomin Value Used for adjusting bloom settings. Valid range: 0.0 - 1.0 (default 0.0).
postfxbloom_togglegpu Used for adjusting bloom settings.
PrevItem N/A
PrevWeapon N/A
QuickHeal Quickheal.
QuickLoad N/A
QuickSave N/A
RandomTaunt N/A
ReloadMeNow Reloads the player's weapon.
RestartLevel Restarts the map.
Say Msg Sends a chat message.
SetAutoTaunt(bool Value) N/A
SetChatPassword(string NewPassword) ?
SetFlashScaling Value ?
SetMouseAccel Value Sets mouse acceleration.
SetMouseSmoothing Mode ?
SetName(coerce string S) N/A
SetSensitivity Value Sets the mouse sensitivity.
SetSpectateSpeed Value ?
SetVoice VoicePack Sets your character's voice pack. Valid voices are KFMod.KFVoicePack, KFMod.KFVoicePackTwo, KFMod.KFVoicePackThree, and KFMod.KFVoicePackFemale. Does not seem to work online.
SetWeaponHand Hand Setting this to hidden hides the player's current weapon.
ShowAI Shows detailed debugging information for the currently viewed pawn.
ShowAliases Outputs a list of bind aliases to the log.
ShowBindings Outputs a list of bindings to the log.
ShowFakeNotification Shows a fake notification, used to test if notifications are working properly.
ShowGun Shows/hides the current weapon.
ShowKickMenu Opens the kick menu. Only works online when kick voting is enabled.
ShowMenu Shows ESC menu.
ShowVoteMenu Opens the voting menu. Only works online when voting is enabled.
PlayerCollisionDebug Shows/hides player collision areas.
SoakBots N/A
SpawnTargets N/A
Speak ChannelTitle ?
SpeakDefault ?
SpeakLast ?
SpecViewGoal ?
Speech Type, Index, Callsign Uses a voice command. Type should be set to AUTO, and Index to the relevant index value of the voice command you want.
Suicide Suicide.
SwitchLevel URL Changes map.
SwitchTeam N/A
SwitchToBestMeleeWeapon Switches to your best melee weapon.
SwitchToBestWeapon Switches to your best weapon.
SwitchToLastWeapon Switches to the last weapon held.
SwitchWeapon Group Switches to a weapon of the particular weapon group chosen.
Taunt Sequence N/A
TeamSay Msg Sends a chat message to your team only.
TestEye N/A
ThrowGrenade Throws a grenade.
ThrowWeapon Drops your current weapon.
ToggleBehindView Toggles 1st/3rd person camera mode.
ToggleBuddyHudDebug N/A
ToggleDuck Toggle duck.
ToggleFlashlight Toggles the flashlight.
ToggleIronSights Toggles iron sights.
TogglePathToTrader Toggles showing path to the trader.
TogglePlayerAttract ?
ToggleScreenShotMode Toggles screenshot mode, which hides the current weapon and all HUD elements.
ToggleTorch N/A
ToggleXHair N/A
ToggleZedHudDebug N/A
TossCash Amount Throws the specified amount of money, or £50 if Amount is left blank.
UnCrouch Uncrouches.
Use Uses doors or interactive items.
xSpeech type, int Index, SquadLeader N/A
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