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For those who want to contribute to the wiki, here are some important tasks that can be done:

Add screenshots to galleries on specimen pages

All of the specimen pages would benefit from a few screenshots at the bottom of the page, in the gallery section: Clot, Crawler, Stalker, Gorefast, Bloat, Siren, Husk, Scrake, Fleshpound, Patriarch.

Add information and strategies to the weapon pages

All of the weapon pages would benefit from additional information such as functionality and strategy information: Syringe, MP7M, MP5M, M7A3M, Medic Grenade, Welder, Shotgun, HSG-1 Shotgun, Hunting Shotgun, Combat Shotgun, AA12 Shotgun, Vlad The Impaler, 9mm (dual), MK23 (dual), 44 Magnum (dual), Deagle (dual), LAR, Crossbow, M14EBR, M99, Bullpup, AK47, MKb42, M4, SCARMK17, FNFAL ACOG, Tommy Gun, Combat Knife, Machete, Axe, Chainsaw, Katana, Claymore, Buzzsaw Bow, Scythe, FlameThrower, Trenchgun, MAC10, Husk Gun , Flare Revolver , (dual), LAW, Pipe Bomb, M79, M32, M4 203, Grenade, Vest.

Add to the strategy page

Write some strategy on the strategy page. Don't worry about formatting; someone else can lay it out how it should be.

Add information on events

Add to the events page about all past and current events (Summer Sideshow, etc.).

Add to the code snippets page

If you have any useful code snippets or useful functions, please add them to the useful code snippets page.

Add perk information

Add information to the perks page if you have any useful information or strategies.

Fill in the characters page

Fill in the characters page with a list of characters and their portraits and bios.

Create individual map pages

Currently all of the map pages redirect to Maps (Killing Floor), but if you can provide enough information for particular maps you may take away the redirects and put the map on its own page.