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Killing Floor item
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“I told you, I am welding this door!”

– Lt. Materson

The Welder is a tool used by players to basically "lock" any functioning door in the game. Once the player welds a door, Specimens would often take a different path to avoid the welded door while a few specimens will still try to break it open. Players can also un-weld doors by using the Alt-fire button to open up a door. This process is much faster compared to welding and uses less battery power. The welder also needs to recharge after its battery runs out. A player can continuously hold the primary fire button but once the battery runs out it will weld doors very slowly. Team-mates may assist in welding doors by welding onto the same door simultaneously, this will make the door weld a lot faster and will not demand so much use of the battery. To recharge the battery, simply do not weld or un-weld any doors for a moment, it will recharge in just a few seconds and will recharge even if the player is wielding another weapon.

Support specialists get a very large boost to welding speed, allowing for faster welds with less battery power used. The Berserker perk also receives increased welding speed because the welder is considered a weapon. However it does not increase the amount of battery power.

A door's health is measured by integrity which is shown as a percentage. Its integrity will decrease with every hit, and the rate at which it decreases depends on the strength of the attacking specimens. When the integrity of a welded door is reduced to 0 by attacking specimens, the door is destroyed and cannot be welded until it respawns at the end of the wave. However, this can be avoided by unwelding the door when it is near-destruction, preventing specimens from destroying the door, and allowing it to be welded again within the same wave. A welded door can also be quickly destroyed by Grenades. Different doors have different health; larger doors generally have more maximum hit points, but take more time to weld.

The Welder may be seen lying on the ground having been dropped by a player killed while holding it; attempting to pick it up will give you the message "You already have this weapon', since every player spawns with it and cannot discard it.


  • A squad should have a member committed to welding a door often if they want to keep it closed.
  • If two nearby doors are welded with different integrity, then specimens will generally attack the weaker door first.
  • The door health display on the welder stays active as long as you are near the door, not necessarily facing it, allowing you to keep an eye on the door without having your back to the battle.
  • It should be noted that the Welder is always fully discharged when a player spawns, and as such can make it much more problematic to weld a door in the first few seconds of a game.
  • Be careful while welding one door with teammates. If you turn to another player next to you while welding a door you can harm him. It does not do that much damage, but it also costs kevlar.