Creating Gore Limbs assets and script

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Creating the gore limbs

1. Download the gore limb example 3ds max scene here

2. Cut the limbs of your character model and attach the gore chunk to each of your limbs following the 3ds max example

3. Set material ID 0 to be your character texture

4. Set material ID 1 to be the gore texture (the same gore texture is used for all playable characters)

5. Make sure your new gore limbs match the orientation and location of the example gore limbs.

6. Make sure your pivots are at 0,0,0

7. Export each gore limb by exporting selected and exporting and .ase file

8. These are the settings Tripwire uses when exporting static mesh gore limbs


9. Import the .ase file into a killing floor static mesh package and name it <your character name>_Gore.usx

10. Apply your textures and the gore texture to your gore limb mesh in the static mesh browser if they do not automatically show up

If your textures are already imported into the killing floor engine and saved in a texture package
and if you applied .dds textures in your max scene that have the exact names as the names in the texture package before exporting the .ase files 
the textures will automatically show up and be applied to your static meshes.

11. Static mesh packages are located here \KillingFloor\StaticMeshes

Gore Limb Scripts

You need a script file for each gore limb. Create it with a text file then rename the file extension to .uc

The script code is simple for the gore limbs. All you do is name your script and define the asset reference where your gore limb static mesh is in the KF editor. The filename should be the same thing you have in class "your file name" extends section. That must match exactly to your file name. You cannot use spaces in a class name.

the two files below are

  • SeveredArmChav.uc
  • SeveredLegChav.uc
class SeveredArmChav extends SeveredArm;

class SeveredLegChav extends SeveredLeg;