Technical Requirements

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1st Person Hand Texture

Your 1st Person hand texture is limited to a single 1024x1024 DXT1 compressed. There is no alpha channel for the 1st person hand texture.

3rd Person Texture

Your 3rd person texture is limited to 1 1024x1024 texture with an alpha channel. The alpha channel contains the specular mask. This is to be saved at DXT3 compression before being imported into the editor.

Model Polycounts

You need 4 levels of detail for your model with the following polycounts

  • LOD 0 : 6000-6500 Triangles
  • LOD 1 : 5000-5500 Triangles
  • LOD 2 : 3000-3500 Triangles
  • LOD 3 : 1500-2500 Triangles

Below is an example of a killing floor soldier LODS recently made

IJA Lods.jpg