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Download the example character texture package here : Example_Player_T.utx

Place this in your \KillingFloor\Textures\ folder

Open the editor and then open your texture browser, you can do this by pressing button highlighted below


On the texture browser window, click File > Open and select the downloaded texture package "Example_Player_T.utx"

This package has all the materials you need to set up your player materials, as well as an example first person hand texture and a portrait texture.

Select the group 3rdP by selecting the drop-down text to the "all" button. This will filter only the player textures and materials. The package should look like this:


This is an example of Mrs. Foster textures and materials. It consists of 1 dxt3 texture and 2 combiners.

Your texture must have your diffuse map in the color of your dds texture and the specular mask in the alpha channel. The specular mask blends between the ENV_CMB and the diffuse texture using the alpha channel as a mask. It's basically masking where an environment map is combined additive mode to the diffuse map.

Below is a view of the color channel and the alpha channel for Mrs Foster. We use very dark tones (under 64 rgb) on anything that isn't metal or something we want to be "shiny" Metal parts we make brighter and this adds in more of the environment map.


You can simply replace the texture "Example_D" with your texture. As long as you have an alpha channel the materials will update correctly. If you imported texture has a new name you will have to manually update the references in the Example_CMB and Example_ENV_CMB. You do this by right clicking on the combiners, clicking on properties. Select your new texture in the browser, then clicking the property in the combiner and clicking "use". This will update the texture reference to your new texture. Below is an image of the combiner set ups. You can see how the texture is combined with an environment map in the ENV_CMB and how that is combined with the texture based on the alpha of the texture.


That's all there is too it! Type the name of your final combiner on your skeletal mesh and it will find this