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The MKb 42(H) was a selective-fire assault rifle, the precursor to the famous Sturmgewehr 44. Visually, the most distinctive difference between the two weapons is the difference between the lengths of the gas tubes on the two weapons, with the MKb featuring a slightly longer gas tube atop the barrel. The MKb 42 fires the intermediate-power 7.92 x 33mm Kurtz cartridge at a steady rate of fire of approximately 600 rounds per minute. The MKb was produced in limited quantities, with an uncertain date of initial production, and therefore combat reports about the weapon's performance are rare. It's successor, however, was seen by German soldiers as quite reliable in the mud, dust, and winter cold of the Eastern Front. With comparable accuracy and power to a rifle and the rate of fire of a submachine gun, the MKb 42 was a revolutionary weapon that would influence firearms development for the next quarter-century.

In-game, the MKb 42 (H) is issued to the Assault class in Realism and Action modes, and is available only to the special Elite Assault class in Classic Mode. The MKb, combining the advantages of a rifle with those of a submachine gun, is an excellent all-around weapon, deadly at both short and long ranges. The mounted knife bayonet is unlocked at Level 25, while a top-mounted 1.5x scope is unlocked at Level 50.

The MKb is viewed as somewhat controversial by portions of the Red Orchestra 2 community, either due to its prevalence or due to its mere presence in-game. In general, competitive play disallows the use of the MKb as well as the AVT.

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