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Gewehr 41(W)

The ill-fated forerunner of the Gewehr 43 rifle, the Gewehr 41(W) is used by the Axis "Elite Riflemen", "Marksman" "Squad Leader" and "Commander" classes. The rifle holds 10 rounds in a fixed box magazine, loaded using 5-round clips and 'topped off' with single rounds. Note that the (W) designates that the rifle seen ingame was the type manufactured by Walther rather then Mauser. The "Marksman" class is issued the rifle fitted with a ZF41 1.5x long eye relief sight. A bayonet attachment as well as a 4x scope for the scoped rifle can be unlocked in multiplayer mode. Note that this 4x scope is actually the ZF4 that entered service as part of the G43 "package", the same way the Soviet PU scope was designed to fit the SVT-40 - the scope was never used in Stalingrad and was not even in service at the time. No evidence exists that the scope was ever mounted on the G41 by the Germans, the only known examples of ZF4s on G41 rifles being postwar modifications. As it is portrayed ingame, the scope is mounted using a 1944 K98-type swept mount which is rare in itself; it is also mounted so far forwards on the rifle that proper eye relief would be impossible, rendering the scope useless. Ingame markings also seem to have been "borrowed" from the G43, as they do not match actual G41 production.

The G41's annular gas ring was a serious problem in combat, rendering the rifle extremely unreliable when dirty or fouled. The G41 was disliked and eventually withdrawn from service, with the G43 copying the Soviet SVT-40 gas system instead - a more conventional, more reliable piston type.

Despite being commonly seen in the game - several classes can use it on the German team - the G41 was an uncommon weapon and was issued on a one-per-platoon basis, if at all. Its ZF41-scoped marksman version was exceedingly rare, almost never seen by the average soldier.

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