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Killing Floor class KFWeapon (source)
Object >> Actor >> Inventory >> Weapon >> BaseKFWeapon >> KFWeapon

Base weapon class for Killing Floor.


int AppID

Unique ID used to identify paid DLC weapons.

bool bAimingRifle

Set to true if using the scope or iron sights.

bool bAmmoHUDAsBar


bool bConsumesPhysicalAmmo

Set to true if the weapon consumes some form of ammunition (false for syringe and welder).

bool bDoSingleReload


bool bDualWeapon

Set to true if the dual version of a weapon (dualies, etc).

bool bHasScope

Set to true if the weapon has a scope.

bool bHasSecondaryAmmo

Set to true if weapon has secondary ammo (M4 203).

bool bIsReloading

Set to true while reloading.

bool bIsTier2Weapon

Set to true if if the weapon is tier 2 (used for achievements).

bool bIsTier3Weapon

Set to true if if the weapon is tier 3 (used for achievements).

bool bKFNeverThrow

If set to true the weapon cannot be thrown.

bool bModeZeroCanDryFire

If set to true, pulling the trigger when the weapon is empty will cause an auto-reload.

bool bNoHit


bool bPendingFlashlight

Set to true when the player has pressed the flashlight key but the associated weapon has not yet been brought up.

bool bPreviouslyDropped

Set to true if a player had previously dropped this weapon.

bool bReduceMagAmmoOnSecondaryFire

Setting to true will prevent primary ammo from being consumed when using secondary fire (M4 203).

bool bReloadEffectDone

Set to false when starting a reload, and true when complete.

bool bShowPullOutHint

Used exclusively for the knife to check if a relevant hint should be shown.

bool bSpeedMeUp

If set to true, holding this weapon can increase the player's speed.

bool bSteadyAim

If set to true, this weapon's accuracy is not affected by movement.

bool bUseCombos


Vector EndBeamEffect

Location of the end of the red dot laser that some weapons have (M14EBR). Updated every tick in RenderOverlays().

name FlashBoneName

Bone to attach muzzle flash effect to. This is usually 'tip'.

Effect_TacLightProjector FlashLight

Flashlight actor.

string HudImageRef

Reference to 'unselected' weapon image in the HUD (used when cycling using the mouse wheel).

KFScopeDetailSettings KFScopeDetail

Detail settings for scope (Crossbow, M99)

float LastAmmoResult


float LastHasGunMsgTime

Time when last "you already have this weapon" message was displayed.

int MagAmmoRemaining

Amount of rounds remaining in the current magazine.

string MeshRef

Reference to weapon mesh.

float NextAmmoCheckTime


int NumClicks

Number of times the player has dry-fired their weapon. Resets when they successfully fire a shot.

int NumLoadedThisReload

Amount of shells reloaded in the last reload cycle (shotguns).

float QuickBringUpTime


float QuickPutDownTime


int ReferenceCount

Reference counter to track how many instances of this actor exist.

float ReloadTimer


string SelectedHudImageRef

Reference to 'selected' weapon image in the HUD (used when cycling using the mouse wheel).

string SelectSoundRef

Reference to sound that is played when weapon is brought up.

int SellValue

Stores the value for weapons that were purchased, then dropped, to keep people from cheating the system.

array<string> SkinRefs

References to skins. Loaded into their respective Skins array slots.

float StandardDisplayFOV


int StoppingPower


Actor TacShine


PlayerController Tier3WeaponGiver

Player who last dropped this weapon, if tier 3 (used for achievements).

texture TraderInfoTexture

Image used for weapon in trader.

name WeaponReloadAnim

Name of reload animation.

bool bHoldToReload

If set to true, weapon reloads one shell at a time and can be interrupted (shotguns, etc.).

bool bTorchEnabled

If set to true, allows flashlight to be used.

EClientGrenadeState ClientGrenadeState


vector FirstPersonFlashlightOffset

Offset for flashlight effect in first person.

material HudImage


name IdleAimAnim


int MagCapacity

Magazine capacity.

int MinimumFireRange

Minimum diring distance for bots.

name ModeSwitchAnim

Name of fire mode switching animation. Used when enabling flashlight on the 9mm.

name ReloadAnim

Name of reload animation.

float ReloadAnimRate

Rate of reload animation (1.0 = normal, 0.5 = half-speed, 2.0 = twice-speed).

float ReloadRate

Rate of reload (1.0 = normal, 0.5 = half-speed, 2.0 = twice-speed).

material SelectedHudImage


byte SleeveNum


class<InventoryAttachment> TacShineClass


sound ToggleSound


float Weight

How many weight slots this weapon consumes when held by a player. See also the KFWeaponPickup version.

sound AimInSound


sound AimOutSound


bool bHasAimingMode


float ZoomedDisplayFOVHigh