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Killing Floor class Inventory (source)
Object >> Actor >> Inventory

Any item carried by a player.

Killing Floor's KFWeapon class is distantly derived from it.



bool bDrawingFirstPerson

Determines if we're in 1st person.

float BobDamping

How much to damp view bob.

IntBox IconCoords

Coordinates of icon in IconMaterial.

Material IconMaterial

Where icon is located.

string ItemName

Localized name of item.


vector PlayerViewOffset

Offset from view center.

rotator PlayerViewPivot

Additive rotation offset for tweaks.


class<InventoryAttachment> AttachmentClass bool bDisplayableInv

Determines whether the item should be displayed in the HUD.

bool bTossedOut

True if weapon or inventory was tossed out (so players can't cheat w/ weaponstay)

byte GroupOffset

Position within inventory group. (used by prevweapon and nextweapon)

class<Pickup> PickupClass

What class of pickup is associated with this inventory item

Actor ThirdPersonActor

Mesh to use in 3rd person view.

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