Mauser C96

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The Mauser C96 pistol is mainly available as a unlock in multiplayer mode but it is also used during the Axis "Basic Training" mission in the singleplayer mode. It loads using a stripper clip to feed its integral 10-round magazine. A detachable 20-round box magazine can be unlocked in multiplayer mode at level 25, with select fire and a stock (essentially turning it into an M712 Schnellfeuer) at level 50. Before the box magazine upgrade, it's not possible to reload the C96 mid clip, you have to empty the whole 10-round magazine to be able to reload. The C96 boasts good damage and magazine capacity, though the jumpy recoil can make it hard to place accurate shots in succession.

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Bolt-action Rifles Mauser Kar98k, M1891/30_Rifle
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