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The standard light machine gun of the Red Army at the start of World War Two, the DP28 served from the invasion of Poland right up to the last days of fighting in Manchuria. In 1943, the modernized variant known as the DPM entered service and supplemented, but did not replace, this weapon. Fed from a unique pan-shaped magazine holding 47 rounds, the DP28 fired at a rate of approximately 550 rounds per minute. Like many Soviet small arms, it was well-built and could withstand extreme environmental conditions without an excessive amount of care. Light and easily portable, it served its purpose well as a light support weapon, but was not in the same league as the more ergonomic, faster-firing MG34 or the later infamous MG42. Two common complaints concerning the weapon focused on the bipod--the DP28's bipod relied on a weak joint below the barrel that often snapped or bent after extensive use, and the bipod was taller than necessary, exposing the operator to enemy fire. Despite these drawbacks, the DP28 and its vehicle-mounted sister, the DT machine gun, served on the frontlines of the Eastern Front throughout the war.

The DP28 fires the same 7.62mm X 54R cartridge that is used in the Mosin-Nagant and SVT series of rifles. Because of the DP28's heavy barrel, loose tolerances, and low rate of fire, it is not as prone to overheating as the MG34. For this reason and due to logistical considerations, most Soviet DP28 gunners were not issued a spare barrel in the field. The rotating magazine features a clip that points towards the weapon user upon insertion. This clip revolves clockwise as the weapon is fired, and experienced Soviet machine gunners learned to watch the clip, knowing that when it faced them again, the magazine was empty.

In-game, the DP28 is only available to the Machine Gunner class. No upgrades are available with this weapon. However, it is an excellent support weapon, with great accuracy and hitting power. Positioned well, it can interdict enemy movement and dominate an open area. Due to the unique magazine design, reloading is quick, and the operator can estimate the remaining amount of ammunition with just a quick glance at the top of the weapon.

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