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The Commander or TL is a commissioned officer, leading a platoon of up to five squads, plus sniper and tank support. In addition to a choice of sub-machine gun or semi-automatic rifle (G 41(W) or MP 40 for German, SVT-40 or PPSh-41 for Russian), the Team Leader equips grenades, smoke grenades (NG39 Smoke-grenade or RDG1 Smoke-grenade, and binoculars. Enemy load outs are available on achieving veteran status. The TL can also utilise radios to call in artillery, reconnaissance aircraft, and can force the respawn of teammates. .


Throughout history, armies have employed strict hierarchies of officers to command and control the tactical and strategic actions of troops. The smallest unit commanded by an commissioned officer being the platoon (between 25 and 50 troops).

RO2 depicts infantry platoon scale warfare, each team being commanded by a TL. Historically, the German primary platoon (Zug) of any company would be lead by Leutnant, and comprise a small command, communication and medical team and three squads, each based around two LMG’s and their support. The Russian platoon (взвод) was typically led by a Leytenant (Лейтенант), and comprised a small command and communications team, a mortar team and four rifle or SMG squads, each with a LMG team. However, as the war affected the availability of troops and equipment for both sides, platoon structure became a more flexible affair.


The Commander has the ability change the course of an engagement in a way no other player can. The primary roll is to lead and co-ordinate his platoon and in addition can provide cover for his team mates using smoke grenades, designate artillery targets using binoculars, and call in artillery and reconnaissance planes.


The Commander can coordinate his troops “en masse” or squad by squad using a combination of voice and text commands, or using the orders widget. The Commander can also chose to press forward with his troops as he counts three normal troops in the capture zone, however the greater likelihood of death in a forward position must be balanced against the other abilities he possesses.

When next to a radio, the TL can periodically call in reconnaissance planes which will show the position of enemy troops on his teams maps, massively improving forming squad and team tactics, but the most powerful feature in the TL’s arsenal is the ability to call in artillery.

The TL can designate artillery marks using his binoculars, or use those set for him by SL’s. Having chosen a mark, the TL can then chose to drop mortar rounds (an long duration, tightly grouped barrage: useful for denying the enemy a route into a capture zone or feature) artillery rounds (a medium duration moderately grouped series of salvoes dealing considerable damage: again useful for denying enemies access to an area of the battlefield or softening up resistance in a given zone before attack) or a German Nebelwerfer or Russian Katyusha rocket attack (a massive single volley, often annihilating all troops within it’s effect, even those in reinforced defensive structures. The TL must be aware that more than in any other area of the battlefield he is the favourite target of experienced snipers when in the vicinity of a radio.

The TL can also opt to "force respawn" and reinforce his team at any time with soldiers waiting to respawn either to complete a breakthrough or bolster defenses, The negative effect of this action is this uses more "tickets" than the number of troops respawned, so must be used judiciously, especially where reinforcements are limited or low.

As with so many things, with great power comes great responsibility and as the members of a team are highly reliant on their TL, poor play and leadership will often result very vocal criticism of a poor TL. It is recommended that basic game play and tactical skills are mastered before an individual selects the Squad Leader role.