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Killing Floor class Pickup (source)
Object >> Actor >> Pickup

Base of all inventory items that can be picked up.

Killing Floor's KFWeaponPickup class is distantly derived from it.


bool bAmbientGlow

If set the true, the pickup will glow.

bool bDropped

Is set to true if the item was dropped from a player.

bool bInstantRespawn

True if the item respawns instantly after pickup.

bool bOnlyReplicateHidden


bool bPredictRespawns

True if the high skill bots are able to predict the respawn of this pickup.

class<Inventory> InventoryType

Inventory class that this pickup holds so that the appropriate item is added to the pawn's Inventory chain.

float MaxDesireability

The maximum desirability that this item will have in terms of pickup order.

InventorySpot MyMarker

InventorySpot used to assist an AIController.

xPickUpBase PickUpBase

Base the spawned this pickup.

NavigationPoint PickupCache

Used for dropped weapons and their location in the level.

string PickupForce

String name representing a force associated to a particular force-feedback setting for joysticks and similar force-feedback devices.

string PickupMessage (localized)

Human-readable description describing the item that was picked up.

sound PickupSound

Sound played upon pick up of the item.

float RespawnEffectTime

Time when the respawn effect goes off before the pickup is available to be acquired.

float RespawnTime

Time that the pickup leaves the Sleeping state and returns to the Pickup state.

Controller TeamOwner[4]


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