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Red Orchestra 2 Map
German assault on Soviet anti-aircraft guns
Map Type Infantry
Creator Danh
Version B3
Game Modes CD,TE
RO Ost Remake {{{Remake}}}
Download [| Links to all client and server files on Mediafire]


Date: October 7, 1941

Location: Forest west of Bryansk

German unit: German 2nd Army

Soviet Unit: Soviet 19th Army

Background: In preparation of a direct offensive on Moscow, Hitler ordered the 2nd army to take care of the anti-aircraft guns north of the Bryansk Front. This will allow the Luftwaffe to safely attack. Panzer support was unavailable because of the dense forest and highly elevated hill. The 2nd Army had to enter the forest under extreme weather with little support.

Situation: The Soviet 19th Army had dug in heavily. They were prepared for major losses and knew that the Germans must pay for every piece of Soviet land they stood upon. The German 2nd Army had very little knowledge of the surrounding area and planned on attacking with the cover of heavy fog. However, unknown to them that beyond the fog were just not soldiers of the Soviet Army but sons who were willing to die for Mother Russia.

Real life end result: It didn't happen. This map came from Danh's imagination.



Map History


Updated to B3

-Reduced Allies Spawn Timer from 25s to 23s

-Reduced Axis Spawn Timer from 15s to 12s

-Reduced Time Limit from 43 to 40

-Reduced Capture Time for G from 60 to 45

-Reduced Artillery Timer for Allies from 6.66 to 5.7

-Reduced Mortar Timer for Allies from 5 to 4.44

-Reduced Artillery Timer for Axis from 5 to 4.44

-Reduced Mortar Timer for Axis from 4 to 3.63

-Reduce Axis Recon Timer from 150s to 120s

-Removed Russian Engineers

-Redesigned the last four objectives for more gameplay and replayability value

-Minor terrain changes in G

-Added more cover in D


Updated to B2_1

-Fixed German spawn

-Fixed spawn protection bug

-Deleted a couple of floating grass


Updated to B2

-Reduced fog by 5%

-Increased light by 10%

-Replaced Mamayev Bunkers with dug outs

-Replaced 80% of the grass, hopefully no more floating ones

-Replaced all the bushes(now destructible and will not block bullets), no more tiny ones to trip on

-Moved Russian spawn for C closer

-Moved German spawn for G further

-Capture time for D increased by 10 seconds

-Capture time for B and C decreased by 5 seconds

-Capture zone for B and C reduced

-Added more defense for G (tunnels, sandbags, and maxims)

--added steps in some trenches for better visibility

-Added more defense for K (trees, boxes, sandbags, and maxims)

-Added more defense for E (maxim can now aim down properly, more sandbags)

-Added a maxim in D

-Moved Ammo Resupply in front of the AA guns

-Added more trees and snow and grass

-Adjusted radio in C for better cover

-Added a radio in G

-Added a radio and resupply at Russian last spawn

-German Arty Timer reduced to 5 minutes from 8

-German Mortar Timer reduced to 4 minutes from 5.7

-Russian Arty Timer reduced to 6.66 from 8

-Russian Mortar Timer reduced to 5 minutes from 5.7

-Expanded Map Boundaries

-Adjusted Spawn Protection

-Adjusted No Arty Zones

-Time limit increased by 3 minutes


-Updated to B1_1

-Released CD version

-Added one more objective to fix the objective bug

-Reduced amount of random arty


-Released B1