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Right now we have VS mode pages for: Fleshpound, Gorefast, Alpha Clot, Slasher, Crawler, Stalker, the Patriarch Missing pages: Siren, Bloat, Husk, Scrake --Slaine Cypress (talk) 22:37, 27 April 2016 (UTC)

Demo Rework - my idea

Perk Stats

  • Bonus Perk Weapon Damage (1% / level)
  • Bonus Explosive Resistance (10% + 2% / level)
  • Extra explosive ammo (1 / 5 level)


Perk Stats

  • Bonus Perk Weapon Damage (0.6% / level)
  • Bonus Explosive Damage (0.6% / level)
  • Explosive Resistance (10% + 2% / level)
  • Extra explosive ammo (1 / 5 level)
  • Dynamites explode on contact with Zeds

Reduce Perk Weapon damage to 15% at level 25, and give one more parameter to Demo that increases explosive damage by 15% at level 25. These 2 values stack for perk weapons and add up to 30% total (5% more explosive damage but 10% less impact damage).

  • This allows the Demo to use weapons like the Pulverizer to great effect, and any other new explosive weapons that may be in the pipeline in the future.
  • Impact damage is generally not noticed and used infrequently, so loss of 10% impact damage is negligible - It only really nerfs RPG-7 Headshots to Scrakes though this will be compensated with the Zed Shredder skill below.
  • Increasing explosive damage slightly will also solve the Demo's problem of their weapons doing lackluster AoE explosive damage.
  • Shifting the On Contact skill into a passive allows the level 5 skill to be a choice between "giving my teammates more, or hogging it all for myself" like the Support's level 5 skills.

My Demo Skill Tree Rework

Level 5

  • Demolisher: Carry 2 extra sticks of Dynamite for yourself.
  • Supplier: Carry a backpack that allows teammates to grab an extra grenade from you once every wave.

  • Explanation: Basically fulfilling the same function as Support's level 5 skills.

Level 10

  • Siren Resistance: Your explosive weapons are immune to Siren screams.
  • Zed Shredder: Do 50% less explosive damage, but your weapons and projectiles burst into fragmentation shards upon impact or being destroyed.

  • Explanation: This gives you a choice between making your explosives immune to Sirens or not. Here's the catch: with Zed Shredder, when you fire your weapons at Sirens that are screaming, the projectiles are destroyed, but they burst like a Support's fragmentation grenade. This also applies to C4 that Sirens destroy by when they walk over them, making them essentially function like Pipe Bombs from KF1. The number of shards and amount of damage the shards do would vary depending on the tier of the weapon, and they will deliver piercing damage (which is still effective against Fleshpounds). Also gives Demos a more consistent source of damage to deal with Scrakes rather than only with RPG headshots.
  • Ideally the amount of damage the Shards do should make up for, or surpass, the reduction in Explosive damage.

Level 15

  • Explosive Resistance: You and your teammates around you take 30% less damage from explosives.
  • Explosive Power: Reduce the explosive damage fall-off of you and your teammates around you by 50%.

  • Explanation: I didn't have a good idea that could compete with Explosive resistance. The only sources of explosive damage in the game that come from Zeds are: Husk's Suicide Charge, Hans Volter's HE Grenades and Patriarch's Missiles and Mortar. I suppose Explosive Resistance would allow teammates to throw Grenades at their feet too?
  • Explosive Power will reduce the minimum amount of damage an explosion can do, to 50% of it's full damage rather than 1% at the edge. Basically concentrates the damage better within the radius. Should allow Demos to kill Husks, Sirens, Gorefasts easier with splash damage without needing a direct hit.
  • Basically you either choose let you and your team do more explosive damage (their grenades, Pulverizer) or be more resistant to explosives. I realize this is a no-brainer choice as you would pick Explosive Resistance for bosses and Explosive Power for waves 1-10, but I'll think of something later.

Level 20

  • Zed Shrapnel: Zeds that are killed by your explosive damage damage have a 30% chance to explode again, dealing more explosive damage around them.
  • Concussive Force: Increase all reaction, stumble and knockdown power for Demo weapons by 30%.

  • Explanation: Gives the Demo the choice between being a dedicated trash killer or a large Zed controller.
  • Zed Shrapnel will significantly buff all of the Demo's weapons and will make the HX25 Grenade Pistol and M79 Grenade Launchers actually worth using, as they will be capable of triggering Zed Shrapnel and annihilate crowds of enemies when they kill something.
  • Zed Shrapnel when used by a Demo will significantly increase their destructive capability by extending the effective AoE of all their explosions, as anything that gets caught in the backblast (even at the edge) can explode and deal damage again.
  • Concussive Force is basically the On-Perk skill from live but renamed. It will still give you the unique ability to stun Fleshpounds and stun most lesser enemies as it is right now. Perhaps it should be given the ability to stun Scrakes as well to make it compete with how powerful Zed Shrapnel is, but that might be a little too overpowered. The other way is to allow Demos to knock Scrakes/Fleshpounds/Hans down without the need of a headshot, but rather a direct hit to the chest.

Level 25

  • Zed Time - Nuke: Nukem! Your explosives dish out massive radiation damage in Zed Time, poisoning Zeds.
  • Zed Time - Fireworks: The size of your explosions are doubled in Zed Time, as well as knocking down everything caught in the blast.

  • Explanation: Nuke: No change, it is impressive and visually impactful already. The nerf to it's radius was needed as it was probably the single most overpowered skill in the entire game.
  • Fireworks: Simply knocking everything down wasn't impactful enough to warrant picking the old Concussive Force over Nuke. I think doubling the size of the Demo's explosions will allow for a truly large and glorious explosion in slow motion and should compete with the Nuke's mushroom cloud for Michael Bay-ness. It'll also destroy just about every trash in sight instantly, whereas Nuke would do it's job overtime. One would be more useful for camping and the other more useful for kiting/fighting in the open.