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linux instructions

after downloading/unzipping/untarring the steamcmd, use this to run it:

STEAMEXE=steamcmd ./

if it works, you will be in a steam prompt (might have to hit enter or something to get it to show)

then type:

login steamusername steampassword (because it's so great to use your steam account on a public server, hopefully my credit cards dont get swiped)

now to actually install:

force_install_dir ./kf/ (this sets the directory to install to) app_update 215360 (this install the server)

that installs the server, but youre going to have to jump through some hoops to get your linux server back up:

directories and file names are all different now (upper case now) so you have to install fresh, and then move all your muts/mods/assets over to the new install (ini files too) other wise you will have duplicate directories (old lowercase ones, and the new punctuated ones)

Update problems

What if the darn thing wont update itself ? It simply goes on to a certain percentage then just stops downloading. I have win7 and nothing empeaches it from updating. Splatpope (talk) 05:18, 8 July 2012 (EDT)

(Reply) not sure if i'm doing this write to discuss, haven't ever used wiki before -commiejoe81 are any logs being created? are you still trying to install it? you have to logout/close steam, then run it because it thinks you are running two instances of steam.

Better Linux Manual Install Suggestion

I was having some troubles with the Linux Manual Install portion for steamcmd on my CentOS 7 server with firewalld and selinux set to enforcing. For whatever reason, when I ran ./ it wouldn't update the steam API. I'm not one who wants to disable my firewall or selinux, but I managed to find this: which worked flawlessly for me. The link they provide for the steamcmd tar ball is and included a which ran perfectly with everything the same. Can someone change this? I've never really done the whole wiki thing before.