Red Orchestra 2 Vehicle Setup

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UDN Setup Guides

ROVehicle is heavily based on UT3's vehicle classes. Most basic setup instructions from UDK still apply (wheels, seats, sockets). See UDN links below for details.

Entering & Leaving

ROPlayerController has removed this functionality, but it can be easily implemented for new custom vehicles (see PlayerController.ServerUse and PlayerController.FindVehicleToDrive). When prototyping simple cheat commands can be used to call DriverEnter().


Hit Zones & Armor

Hit detection zones for RO vehicles are manually added to the Physics Asset for high fidelity hit detection. The T34 and PanzerIV have extremely detailed hit zones, but it's recommended for new vehicles to start very simple. See VehHitZones and ArmorHitZones in script for examples.

Vehicle Crew

In RO2 stock vehicles seats are manned by crew members who are always visible whether or not they have a controller. These actors are VehicleCrewProxy (or ROPawn's when player controlled).

Interior vs. Exterior

The T34 and PanzerIV are setup using separate interior and exterior versions. To set up a vehicle this way LOD 0 must be the interior and LOD 1+ are exterior LODs. Then SetVehicleDepthToForeground() and SetVehicleDepthToWorld() switch between the two. This setup is not required for all new vehicles.



Tank AI is controlled by CCSController. Currently, the AI systems make some assumptions for the T34 and PanzerIV and would take some extra work to support more vehicle types.


See ROGameInfo.SpawnTankAndCrew(), ROGameInfo.SpawnPlayerInTransport(), and RORoleInfo.bCanBeTankCrew