Red Orchestra 2 Spawning Setup

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Infantry Spawning

ROVolumePlayerStartGroup - This volume is used to identify start locations for each team. Ideally you will want to have the same number of player starts as the max player load for the team. For example in a 8v8 each spawn location should have at least 8 spawns locations. You MUST set at LEAST the ROSpawnCameraActor in the volume properties. You will most likely want to use spawn protection volumes as well. Roles in the WorldInfo must be set in order to spawn.

If you split 32 spawns between 2 locations, all 32 people will spawn in the 1st spawn. If there is not enough spawns for all 32 they will start spawning inside of each other.

ROSpawnCameraActor - An actor that is used as a POV for when a player is selecting a spawn location. A reference of this actor should be associated with the ROVolumePlayerStartGroup.

ROSpawnProtectionVolume - This is a volume that represents the bounds of the spawn protection. A reference of this actor should be associated with the ROVolumePlayerStartGroup.

ROVolumeNoArtillery - This volume is used to disallow placement of artillery markers. Generally speaking so the area in front of a spawn protection volume doesn't get spammed with artillery if it happens to be an isolated route.

ROPlayerStart - This Navigation actor is used to identify where players will spawn. Use the rotation gizmo to orient the player start in the direction the players should be heading. Unchecking the bPrimaryStart in the properties of the ROPlayerStart will define the ROPlayerStart as a squad leader spawn location.

EnablePlayerStartGroup - This is a Kismet action that will set the state of a ROVolumePlayerStartGroup.

Tank Spawning

Spawning tanks is similar to #Infantry Spawning. The main difference is using a ROVolumePlayerStartGroupTankCrew. You must have tank roles specified for the team you're trying to spawn. Only tanks can spawn in this volume.

When setting up the squads for tanks, specifically tank only, do not use the squadleader nor the commander slots in the WorldInfo role section for tank roles. Instead, make a squad, then a fire team then add a tank squadleader, a hull machine gunner, and a driver in the first fire team. Make a new fire team then add a tank commander, hull machine gunner, and driver. Typically, we do not assign more than 3 tank teams to a particular squad excluding the Tank Squad Leader. The Tank Platoon Commander role should be used in a squad and fire team of it's own.

Squad Leader Spawning

Set ROPlayerStart to have bPrimaryStart=False. This is to allow people to spawn on the squad leader in the event the squad leader is near the spawn and no enemies can see the player spawn.

It's recommended you make a special group for these spawns so you do not get them mixed up with normal spawn playerstarts.

Note: The system that finds the nearest spawn point uses pathing. As a consequence, for the spawn on squad leader to work, it is essential to have pylons on the map.