Red Orchestra 2 Role Setup

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Technical Info

The UI for squad selection only supports 10 squad members including the squad leader. There is a limit of 12 squads total per team. The commander is not considered a squad.

Roles for Countdown MUST be mirrored between the two teams. This is to avoid issues with players getting the wrong class when teams switch between round. Use the console command 'CountdownCheckRoles' to see if your roles match up.

Territory Roles

Territory Roles.jpg

To add new roles to your level. go into the world info and add a ROMapInfo (under 'My Map Info' Roles are broken down into the Team Leader (Commander), squader leader and fire team members. There can only be 10 people in a squad and only 10 squads. Minimum Players - This determines at what point the squad/fireteam will become active based on how many people are in the server.

Countdown Roles

Countdown roles are set up similiarly to territory roles. The major thing to keep in mind that the roles must be mirroed between Axis and Allies. This is to insure no issues when the team swap happens between rounds.

Firefight Roles

This determines the roles that will be aviliable for Fire Fight. There only needs to be one of each class for each team in order for them to show up in the class selection menu.

Tank Roles/Squads

Tank Roles.jpg

Tank roles are signifanctly different than infantry roles. Each fireteam is a new tank. The Tank Platoon Commander does not go in the Team Leader spot. The Tank Platoon Commander must be in a squad like the rest of the tanks.

Since each fireteam is a new tank - the roles for tank commander, tank driver and tank hull mg must be added. Squad type must be set to Vehicle along with the Vehicle Class and the Opposing Team Vehicle Class.