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The WorldInfo is a part of a Map that stores information about the map itself. It has LightMass settings in it, default post process volume settings, default reverb volume settings, along with a host of other things. The particular part this document focuses on is the WorldInfo section that covers Map Setup. We will expand on other aspects of the WorldInfo as time permits.

This document is meant to go over what the values mean and setup instructions where applicable.

Creating New ROMapInfo

WorldInfo 1.jpg

Pressing that button will create a ROMapInfo structure for the game. The result will be as below.

WorldInfo 2.jpg

ROMapInfo has a number of substructures that I will go over now.

WorldInfo 4.jpg


Time Limit 16: Time, in seconds, that will be used in a 16 player match (8 v 8)

Time Limit 32: Time, in seconds, that will be used in a 32 player match (16 v 16)

Time Limit 64: Time, in seconds, that will be used in a 32 player match (32 v 32)

Overhead Map Texture: This is a texture that will be used in the overhead map

Max Spawn on Squad Leader Distance: The distance, in radial unreal units, that a player will spawn around a squad leader when spawning on squad leader.

Minimum Time Dead: The minimum amount of time that a player will exist in the respawn queue

Instant Respawn Interval: Time, in seconds, that the Team Leader can use Force Respawn

Tank Behavior Tree: AI behavior trees that should be used in this map.

Valid types:

CCSBTTree'GripTankAI.CoreTrees.Tank' = used in TANK ONLY scenarios

CCSBTTree'GripTankAI.CoreTrees.TankCombinedArms' = used in combined arms (tank and infantry) scenarios

Temp Celsius: This value is temperature for the map. It controls which gear the players will wear. If it's below freezing, the players will wear winter clothing.

North Offset: Value of offset in Degrees that is needed to get North in your play space to the top of the map. This is for situations in which for whatever reason you find that the players compass in Classic mode is not working correctly.

Map Viewpoints: A structure used to assign potential ROCameraActorViewpoint actors from the map. These are used as generic view angles when not viewing spawn cameras.

Destructible Max View Range: A value represented in radial Unreal units is the max distance satchel obstacles and satchel objectives will highlight themselves in the world space when a player has a satchel weapon equipped.

WorldInfo 3.jpg

Axis and Allies Team Setup

The Axis and Allies share identical structure between them. I am going to explain the contents of the Axis structure which also applies to the Allied structure.

Axis/Allies Reinforcement Count 16, 32, 64: This value is the number of reinforcements, or respawns/lives/tickets/etc, that your each team has based on player load counts. The theory we use at Tripwire is that the timer should be running out right about the time that the reinforcements do.

Axis/Allies Reinforcement Delay 16, 32, 64: This value is the amount of time, in seconds, that a player could potentially be in the spawn queue. Red Orchestra 2 works on a fixed respawn interval and the player gets inserted into upon death and spawn location selection.

Axis/Allies FFReinforcement Delay 16, 32, 64: This value is the amount of time, in seconds, that a player could potentially be in the spawn queue while in the Fire Fight game mode.

Axis/Allies Strength Points: Unused variable

Axis/Allies Mortar/Artillery/Rockets Strike Limit 16,32,64: This value represents how many strikes are available for the entire round less 1. So if you put in 3 the effective amount will be 2. All these values are calculated together so that if a player calls in Rockets the cool down for the next type will be that of the Rocket and not the next lowest type.

Axis/Allies Max Available Artillery Type: Used to define that strongest artillery type used on the map.

Axis/Allies Artillery Strike Interval: Unused variable

Axis/Allies Aerial Recon Delay: Delay, in seconds, that the Aerial Recon plane is available to the commander from the beginning of the map

Axis/Allies Aerial Recon Interval: Delay, in seconds, that the Aerial Recon plane cools down before it can be used again.

WorldInfo 5.jpg

Countdown Objective Count 16,32,64: Number of objectives that a specific Countdown player load has.

WorldInfo 6.jpg

Territory Squad Configuration

TerritoriesAxis/Allies & CountdownAxis/Allies: This is the squad configuration for your map.

There are a number of UI related limitations to squad configurations. The Rule of Thumb we support is:

    • Maximum of 11 Squads per team
    • Maximum number of 5 fire teams per squad
    • Maximum of three roles per fire team

WorldInfo 7.jpg

Axis/Allies Team Leader: RORoleInfoAxisCommander or RORoleInfoAlliesCommander

Squad Type: Infantry or Vehicle. Squads cannot mix and match Infantry with Vehicles.

Enabled: Leave checked

Minimum Players: Minimum amount of players on the server that this squad becomes available.

Title: Text shown in the Squad View for the this squad.

Axis/Allies Squad Leader: RORoleInfoAxisSquadleader or RORoleInfoAlliesSquadleader

Fire Teams Information:

Minimum Players: This is lowest number of players that must be available in order for this Fire Team to unlock. -1 denotes use value from the squad level.

Roles: The roles, maximum three, that will be in a particular fire team.

Vehicle Class: IF this Squad happens to be a Vehicle squad, define the vehicle that will be used

Opposing Team Vehicle Class: Used to define what the other team is going to use in a team switched Countdown scenario.

Vehicle Respawn Interval: Variable unused

Action Mode Only: Used to define if this fire team should only be used in Action Mode. MUST BE USED WITH A MINIMUM PLAYER VALUE OF 1

Countdown Squad Configuration

Fire Fight Squad Configuration

Territory Game Type Setup

Single Player Game Type Setup