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Server Browser

The server browser is the gateway to the Multiplayer experience in the game. It will list all the available servers reported back to it by the Steam Master Server that match your filter settings. The tabs across the top allow you to choose a subset of servers:


Ranked servers run "standard" versions of the game, where players can work on increasing their profile statistics while playing. This can cover all game types and modes as well as some custom settings and white listed mutators.


Unranked servers are those where less standard versions of the game are being played, with the server admin having changed many of the game defaults; this can include things as major modifications to non white listed mutators. Each server should list the modifications, so you know what you are getting!


Lists servers players have added to their favorites list.


Lists servers that contain users on the players steam friends list.


Lists servers on the Local Area Network that players are connected to.

Recently Played

Lists the servers players have most recently played on.


Players can also apply filters to cut down the list to the game mode (Territory, Countdown, Firefight, Multiplayer Campaign), realism level (Action, Classic, Realism or Custom) and game type (Infantry, Tank and Combined Arms). The filter list also includes checks for empty and full servers as well as anti cheat settings.


Taking this option allows the player to chose one of the following:

  • Continue Campaign - continue where you last left off play in a campaign
  • Axis Campaign - play the full Axis Campaign, or choose missions from it that the player has unlocked
  • Allies Campaign - play the full Allies Campaign, or choose missions from it that the player has unlocked

Note that the Allies' Campaign will only be available after you have completed the Axis Campaign for the first time - and individual Missions will only unlock once you have successfully completed the Missions before them in that Campaign.

Each Campaign is divided into Chapters, containing one or more Missions. This is to help set the scene for each Mission.

Clicking on a Mission will give you brief information about that Mission. Clicking on "Select" will allow you to select the Difficulty Level. On the easiest level, your squad will be reinforced regularly throughout gameplay - on the most difficult, you will get NO reinforcements, so cannot afford to take many casualties! The difficulty levels are:

  • Raw Recruit
  • Frontline Soldier
  • Battle Hardened
  • Hero of Stalingrad

The first two difficulties are played in action mode while the later are played in realism.

Clicking on the desired Difficulty Level and clicking "Select" will start the highlighted Mission, playing the Mission Briefing video. If you have not played a Mission before, listen carefully to the Briefing. To skip the Briefing, hit "ESC".

Your Mission will either require you to attack a series of Objectives, or to defend them.


To attack Objectives, players need to get into the Objective area and capture it, along with other members of their Squad. After capturing an Objective, players will need to move on to the next, until they have all been captured. How the player chooses to attack is completely up to them - assault straight in, lay smoke, take a team and flank to one side - it is the players choice.


When defending, players will have to stay in the Objective area and hold it. The enemy will not be completely predictable, but will also use different avenues to attack through, so players keep their eyes open! There is a time period to defend each Objective - if the player fails to hold, they will be automatically pushed back to the next defensive line. The defenders must stop the enemy attack SOMEWHERE in order to win the Mission.

Death and Reinforcements

Remember that the weaponry in this game are modeled on real-life weapons and their effects. This means that you cannot just shrug off bullets and grenades. The player is likely to die. But the focus is the Squad, not just one individual, so, if the player dies in the game, he will take over another member of your Squad and continue playing - so long as there are members of the Squad still alive. If the whole Squad dies, the player will lose the Mission. Depending on the Difficulty Level, the player's Squad will get reinforced with fresh soldiers from time to time. But be careful - make sure you keep your Squad intact!

Training Missions

As part of the Axis Campaign, there are Training Missions for Basic Training, Support, Squad Leader, Tank and Commander. These will provide experience of all the main gameplay mechanics in a safe environment!

Gameplay Mechanics

A detailed list of gameplay mechanics and game features can be found on the Gameplay Mechanics and Features page. It includes information on:

  • Squads
  • Roles
  • Weapons
  • Vehicles
  • Communications and Command
  • Overhead Map
  • Hud
  • Tactical View

Profile Stats

The Profile Statistics show how you are progressing your skills in the game. This is broken up into a number of tabs for you to view in game - and each element has a brief explanation. This section gives you a summary of all the areas.


The key element is Honor. This represents the player's overall points and ranking in the game. The Honor rating is used to help find MP games with other players of similar skill level to the player and also drives many of the rewards in the game. The other statistics on this page are about the player's combat history and overall career history - such as the total number of kills, wins and losses and so on.

Class Progress

This page will tell the player how they are scoring and ranking class by class. It will show you how good a rifleman they are, or squad leader and so on. It will tell the player his rank in each class and, crucially, what they have unlocked and what they have to do to get to the next unlocks. Along with that, it shows the player any bonuses you get due to your rank.

Weapon Progress

Similar to the class progress, this page will tell the player how well they are doing with each of the weapons in game. It will show what upgrades they have per weapon, plus any benefits they may have gained due to your level of expertise.


Achievements do not affect how the game is played - but they are "badges of honor" for getting to certain achievements in the game. This can range from something as simple as the players first 10 kills, to managing a 500-meter shot to the head with a sniper rifle. And we will continue to add to the list of achievements available!


All the settings allow the player to change how the game appears and how they will play the game. In general, there are tips for all the settings within the game, to help the player. The sections are:


The Game settings allow the player to change obvious items, such as the level of Gore they want to see, plus some special items. Manual Bolting (when the box is checked) means that they have to click the fire button to bolt a new round into the chamber on bolt-action rifles. This means that they choose when to bolt your weapon, so can fire and duck for cover more quickly - and then work the bolt. If the player prefers it to be done automatically for them, uncheck the box. There is a similar option for tanks - if the player sets for automatic loading, and then wants to switch from AP to HE, they will have to fire off the round in the barrel first. Tactical decisions!


The Video settings allow the player to play with all the graphical settings in the game. The game will automatically default the settings for the players computer based on hardware checks, but they may want to tweak them themselves. Many of these settings will have a direct effect on the performance of the game on the players computer, so use them carefully.


The Audio settings deal with both the quality of the sound in game - reducing the quality may help performance on lower-end PCs - and the volume of in-game music and sound. It also allows the player to manage the settings for the in-game voice chat.


The Controls tab may be key to how the player plays the game. The default controls are designed to suit as wide a range of players as possible, but they won't suit everyone. In this section players can change the key bindings to suit the way they want to play.


The final tab allows the player to change how the Mouse is interpreted by the game, changing the sensitivity and other settings.


This options plays a movie that will display full Red Orchestra 2 credits list.

Exit Game

This option exits the game and returns the user to the desktop.