RO2 Elite Assault

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The Assault troopers role is to get up close and storm enemy positions, armed with sub-machine guns. Standard weapons are the German MP 40 and Russian PPSh-41 and hand grenades. In addition, each team can feature a limited number of Elite Assault soldiers who in realism and action modes you can unlock the German MKb 42(H) and Russian AVT-40 after veteran rank is attained.


The German MKb 42(H) and Russian AVT-40 were different solutions to the same requirement - the need for a compact, lightweight, high accuracy automatic rifle with high cyclic rate and effective stopping power - what is now considered an assault rifle. The German weapon was a new design utilising mass production techniques and a shorter (Kurz) rifle cartidge, the Russian an evolution of the SVT-40 semi-automatic rifle with fully automatic fire.


In-game, numbers of Elite Assault troops are limited and so must make good use of their superior firepower. The spearhead of their team, flanking and attacking strategic areas of the map are primary responsibilities with emphasis on "up close and dirty" fighting. The Elite Assault trooper will often be the one to clear a route through the enemy into a capture zone, and then hold it until reinforcements arrive.


Dashing from cover to cover, or through smoke are the most effective way for an Assault trooper to move into the capture zone, before doing as much damage as possible with grenades and sub-machine gun at close range. With so many bolt action rifles on the battlefield, provoking riflemen to fire, and then moving in for the kill while they are chambering another round is a valuable tactic, as is moving constantly while in buildings to remain hard to locate. Whilst the sub-machine gun's low velocity pistol round lacks the stopping power of a rifle bullet, aiming at an enemy's waist and firing a burst of 3-5 rounds will often see several bullets hit, the last bullet often scoring a head-shot as recoil raises the gun barrel.