Importing Textures

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This tutorial with cover the importing of textures into the KFEditor.


The image you want to import has to meet the following:

  • A power-of-two number of pixels across up to 1024x1024. (Does not need to be square)
  • Saved in pcx, bmp, targa, DXT or UPaint .
  • 8-bit indexed color (256 color indexed) for PCX; 24-bit or 32-bit BMP, TGA or DDS


In the Asset Browser navigate to the Textures tab. File -> Import. Find the directory containing your texture, then select it and click Open. A window will appear asking for specifics on how to import the file:


Is the name of the package to import the texture into. If you give the package:

  • the name of an existing file, the texture will be added to that package. Do not alter the default packages!
  • the name "MyLevel", the texture will be embedded in the current map.
  • something else, a new package will be created. You'll need to save it.

This is just what group the texture will be displayed under in the Texture Browser. This is for package organization only, leave this field blank to not assign a group to your new texture.


This is just the name your texture will have inside UnrealEd. Some types of texture need a specific name (for example the map Level Screenshot in UT). As a rule name this something sensible and that is easy to remember.


If your texture has Texture Effects (grate effect) then check this box otherwise you'd need to set each surface using the texture to Masked (under surface properties) in order to achieve the same effect.

Generate MipMaps

MipMaps are smoothly downsized versions of your texture that will be displayed when your texture is rendered smaller than its original size (i.e. at a distance). The goal of mipmaps is to make the downscaled textures look smoother than it would if the renderer simply skipped pixels of the original-size texture. Nearly any texture can benefit from mipmaps, but you have to decide if the slight improvement in visual quality is worth the doubling the texture's memory.


Select this if your texture needs the alpha channel. Ideal for things like fur and fences.

Detail Hack?

This is if the texture is to be used as a detail texture.