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Configurable Properties

Variable Name Variable Type Description
World_Texture Material Displays a material in the world at the location of the World_Location actor.
World_Texture_Scale Float Modifies the size of World_Texture on the HUD. a value of 1.0 means it displays at whatever the resolution of the material is.
World_Hint Localized String Displays localized text underneath the World_Texture at the position of the World_Location actor.
World_Location Actor HUD_World information displays at the location of this actor.
bShowWhispTrail Bool If true, display a whisp trail leading from the player to the position of the World_Location actor.
bHide Bool Don't render any HUD information for this condition in world space. Does not affect the whisp trail.
bIgnoreWorldLocHidden Bool By default, world HUD information will not render if the World_Location actor is hidden. This bool overrides that behavior.
World_Clr Color What color the text & icon should be in the world. Note : this color value modulates the base color of the World_Texture, so if the it already has a tint it will blend with this value.
Whisp_Clr Color What color the whisp trail has if bShowWhispTrail is true.