Grain Elevator

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Red Orchestra 2 Map
Grain Elevator
The German assault on the Grain Elevator
Map Type Infantry
Creator Tripwire
Version Final
Game Modes CD,FF,TE
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Date: 20th September 1942

Location: Stalingrad Elevator

German unit: 94.Inf.Div., XXXXVIII Pz.Korps

Soviet Unit: Mixed remnants of 10 and 92 Rifle Brigades, plus volunteers from the Volga Flotilla

Background: As 24.Pz.Div. reached the railway line, everything around the elevator seemed quiet – no Russian resistance. So they left the building alone, turning north to help with the fighting around the city center. However, before 94.Inf.Div. could close up and consolidate the gains, a small group of Soviet riflemen had slipped into the elevator and proceeded to defy all attempts to remove them from the immense concrete structure.

Situation: 94.Inf.Div. has been taking substantial casualties trying to clear out the elevator over the past two days, while the Russians have not only held out, but have managed to get reinforced. Now 94.Inf.Div. has them properly isolated and is prepared to fight their way into the fortress. The Soviet defenders are equally prepared to stop them.

Real life end result: 94.Inf.Div. went on taking casualties and only finally cleared the building when the defenders ran out of ammunition and water, at which point the survivors managed to slip out, past the exhausted Germans dug in around them and a small handful escaped. But it was the last resistance in the south of the city.

Notes: The elevator was rebuilt/repaired and was (officially) back in operation for the summer of 1943. A team from Tripwire Interactive was actually the first set of westerners to be allowed into the building since the war. A team that included the Australian author Jason Mark got in there a little while afterwards, with a little help from Tripwire - but Tripwire hadn't announced any details, so we couldn't comment on the videos put up on Youtube!



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