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This glossary is intended as a repository for common terms and their definitions.


Damage per second.


A way to implement a mod; specifies basic rules for playing the game (e.g. GunGame or Specimen Verses); can be further modified through mutators.


Short for modification; modification of a game can add new rules or content and in UnrealEngine games a modification can be implemented as a Mutator, a gametype, a total conversion, a player model and a VoicePack just to name a few.


A way to implement a mod in UnrealEngine games; mutators usually just change a certain aspect of the game, but there are also mutators with large scale modifications (e.g. weapon mods, competitive mods); mutators are stackable with other mutators to combine their modifications.


A file containing resources for Unreal engine games (code, decorations, sound, music, maps, or all of it)

Total Conversion

Mod attempting to totally change the underlying game into a different game by providing all-new content (game types, user interface, weapons, maps, models, menus). An example of this would be Defence Alliance 2.


Whitelisting is a system whereby only verified (whitelisted) content may be used to gain stats and achievements.