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Classic Mode Changelog

   *All new game mode that blends a lot of the great gameplay innovations in Red Orchestra 2 with the tactical and edgy gameplay from Red Orchestra: Ostfront.
   *Mode is ranked - players still gain experience and level up, but when playing in classic mode these levels do not grant any bonuses for class or weapon. Player ranks are still represented via in game icons and player models.
   *Role and weapon loadouts are modified to be more historically accurate for the period. This means fewer MkBs, AVTs, and SMGs are available and more bolt action rifles are available.
   *Interface changes - added an RO1 style compass to the HUD. No peripheral action indicators.
   *Uses standard realism mode as a base, and adds additional functionality on top of that
   *Classic mode settings have been added to webadmin and can be toggled on/off for Custom Mode
   *Removed spawn on squad leader
   *No Lockdown
   *No Killcam
   *Weapon loadouts are fixed to a historically accurate set. Classic weapon load out is as follows:
    Classic weapon load out:
       -PPSH w/drum mag and select fire
       -Kar98 w/bayonet
       -Kar98 Sniper w/4X scope
       -Mosin Nagant Sniper w/3.5X scope
       -G41 Sniper w/4X Scope
       -SVT-40 Sniper w/3.5X scope
       -MP40 with single 32 round mag
       -MkB42 with bayonet (no scope)
       -P38 Pistol
       -C96 w/10 round mag
       -MG34 w/50 round drum
       -MG34 Tripod
       -Pzb 784 (r)
       -MN 9130 w/bayonet
       -G41 (W) w/bayonet
       -SVT-40 w/bayo
       -AVT-40 w/bayo
       -M1895 without silencer
       -Maxim 1910
       -All other weapons and equipment as normally given (binocs, satchels, smoke nades, etc)
   Infantry Changes:
       *Stamina usage and regeneration are modified to closely match RO1 functionality
       *Player movement speed has been modified to match Red Orchestra 1 player movement speed. The sprinting speed is considerably slower to closely match the speed based on RO1 maps scale.
       *Sprinting now has a server option to closely match RO1 functionality. The player sprints at a constant speed until running out of stamina, then stops sprinting until regaining some stamina
       *The FOV zoom while using focus/controlled breathing is disabled
       *Movement speed penalty when shot in the legs or feet (same as new realism mode)
       *The player damage model is much more hardcore to match RO1 functionality. Players take damage instantly instead of bleeding some of the damage out over time. There is no bandaging or bleeding (although slow deaths from wounds are still possible).
       *Stamina has a much greater effect on weapon sway and recoil (same as new realism mode)
   Weapon Changes:
       *Iron sight breathing and sway are greatly increased
       *Weapons take longer to go into iron sights and match exactly the iron sight zoom in speed of RO1
       *You cannot interrupt sprint by going into iron sights
       *Weapons transitioning out of sprinting takes twice as long to more closely match RO1's sprinting transitions
       *The weapon is unable to fire until the transition from sprinting is mostly complete. This more closely matches RO1 functionality and should encourage less "run and gun" play.