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RO2 uses a class progression system, which is depended on you honor progression and experience gained with each class. As you level up your speed, stamina, reload speed, melee strength, deployment and sway reducing, etc will increase. Honor is required to unlock higher levels of the different classes in Red Orchestra 2. Each class starts at level 1. The leveing up of each class is independent of each other, as your experience with the rifleman class does example not effect the marksman class. The level of your class addisonally affects your characters model apperance, you start as a fresh recruit and because more and more a ragged and drity veteran.

Leveling up table:

Level 1 0 Honor BadgeRecruit.jpg
Level 2 10 Honor BadgeFrontline.jpg
Level 3 30 Honor BadgeBattleHardened.jpg
Level 4 60 Honor BadgeVeteren.jpg
Level 5 80 Honor BadgeHighlyDecorated.jpg
Level 6 80 Honor and

chosen by server