7.5 cm Kampfwagenkanone 40

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The 7.5 cm KwK 40 (7.5 cm Kampfwagenkanone 40) was a German 7.5 cm Second World War era vehicle mounted gun, used as the primary anti-tank weapon of the German medium tank the SdKfz.161 Panzerkampfwagen IV (Ausf. F2 models onwards) and the SdKfz.142 Sturmgeschütz III (StuG III) assault guns (Ausf. F models onwards). When mounted on an assault gun the weapon was called Sturmkanone 40 (StuK 40). KwK40 and StuK40 was developed from the towed anti-tank gun Pak 40. Ammunition was shortened in length to allow easy storage for KwK40 and StuK40. KwK40 came in both the L/43 and L/48 barrel lengths. Along with the Pak 40, the Kwk 40/StuK 40 was the most numerous anti-tank gun of the German army.

Penetration tables could be useful -With certian set ranges 100m,300m,500, etc, calculated with Ballistics.......