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Let's get Killing Floor 2 a wiki to call home!

You have a superior source of information compared to me. The zed images are awesome!
Luveluen (talk)

Thanks for the link. It seems tripwire has already made a great deal of early access information available. And visually very appealing as well.
The zed images fit very well into the Wiki. For weapon images it may be better to get the actual models from the game, shrink them and put them into a partially collapsible table or something like that.
Until we can get the game files I will put a link to the tripwire overview page on the main page and leave it at that.
I do not want to extract detail information about zed and weapon behaviour from watching Twitch all day since we will have direct access to it in less than 2 weeks.
The format of this Wiki is very Wikipedia-like, so there are not many style questions. The main work will be to fill in the information.
While I don't think there will be major animation changes, things like a global 10% hp buff could still happen. I therefore don't think we should fill in the individual pages for weapons/zeds just yet, but instead look to gather the information in single overview pages that can be adjusted in one go. After the early access phase we can go deeper and research all the tiny details if there is an audience.
Luveluen (talk)