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RO2 Scorched Earth reached the finals!

After months of matches there are now just 2 clans left in this tournament. These 2 clans have beaten all of their previous opponents and will now play against each other in this massive final stage of the Scorched Earth tournament for the grand prize of $8000 dollars and the 2nd place with $4000 dollars.

Who will win the tournament is decided in an exciting two legged battle of which 1 match will be played on the United States continent and 1 match will be played on the European continent. The clan that comes out best out of this last massive battle will be the winner of the grand Scorched Earth tournament for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad organized by Forgotten Honor, Tripwire Interactive and The Wild Bunch Clan

The final 2 clans

The two clans that have beaten all of their previous opponents are DoublePenetration for the Europe and Team Chaos for the United States.

Match Dates & Times

Leg 1: United States - Sunday: March 18 - 15:00 EST / 20:00 CET.

Leg 2: Europe - Sunday: March 25 - 15:00 EST / 20:00 CET.

Follow the match LIVE!

Want to follow the match and support your team? Visit our livestream going live on the day of the match and watch the clans battling over the first 3 maps of the finals: Spartanovka, Fallen Fighters and Pavlovs House with commentary provided by Sam Reese of Crosshairs, John Gibson (Rammjaeger) President of Tripwire Interactive and Alan Wilson Vice-President of Tripwire Interactive!

Go to the Livestream Page

Server Sponsors

During the Scorched Earth tournament our servers were sponsored by and NFOservers.

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