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Killing Floor SDK

Installing Killing Floor SDK

Killing Floor SDK is the level editing tool you will be using to create new Killing Floor levels(Maps). Before you can make levels, you will need to install this tool on your computer. This can be easily done through your Steam browser.

  1. Buy/Have Killing Floor registered to your steam account.
  2. Open your Steam Library , click the "View" then click "Tools".
  3. Look for Killing Floor SDK in your "Tools" list and install it.
  4. After you install the SDK, you can open it at any time from your tools tab.

Notable Issues

  • Killing Floor SDK seems to have problems selecting actors/textures when Anti-Aliasing is enabled in Killing Floor. It is recommended to go in-game and turn this off before you proceed to start up your SDK.

  • Killing Floor SDK's viewports will sometimes start up completely white and unresponsive. This can be easily fixed by re configuring the view ports. This is done by:
  1. Open SDK if not already started.
  2. Extend the view tab on top of SDK
  3. Click View > Viewports > Configure > (Select your window configuration style)

  • Windows 7 will occasionally cause problems with the Terrain editor tool within the SDK. The text and options in the tool become bunched up and overlap. This sometimes carries over to the Texture window too. To fix this:
  1. Go into your Killing Floor game dictionary(C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\killingfloor\System) create a back of User.ini(This file contains your ingame keyboard binds) then delete it.
  2. Open Killing Floor and reset your keybinds that you want then quit.
  3. Find the new User.ini that was created, right click and open its properties. Check "Read Only". This will prevent the file from saving any further changes to it until Read Only is Unchecked.(Warning: This includes future keybinds in addition to preventing SDK glitches)