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Loading script packages

Before you even start working on an Objective Mode map you need to make sure that the relevant script packages are being loaded in the Editor. If they aren't you will not be able to place any objectives or use any features of the Objective Mode codebase in your map...So this is kind of an important step.

1. Navigate to the KillingFloor\System folder and open up the KillingFloor.ini file.

2. Navigate to the 'EditPackages' list in the [Editor.EditorEngine] section of the file.

3. Ensure that there is a line that says "EditPackages=KFStoryGame" .

4. If there isn't, add it and save the file. If there is, you're good and you can just close the ini file.


Adding Level Rules

With this complete you can now start up the editor and begin making your map. Before you do anything else, you should go ahead and add a level rules actor to your map. The level rules actor determines a number of important gameplay rules for your map including :

  • Player Starting Equipment
  • Player Starting Health & Armor amount.
  • Player Starting Cash amount

You can find the level rules actor in the actor classes browser under ReplicationInfo --> KFLelvelRules --> KFLevelRules_Story You should only have one of these actors in your map and it does not matter where it is placed. As a rule I generally try to scale it up and place it in an obvious location so that I can find it when needed.


Setting the default gametype

You are going to want to make sure the default Gametype for your map is set to Objective Mode. This is important because it tells the editor which gameinfo class to load if you try to run your map from inside the editor. It doesn't have any effect on which Gametype is loaded if you run your map through the in-game menus, but you should probably set it anyway, in case someone else tries to load up and play your map in the editor.

To do so, press F6 to open up the level properties for your map. Expand the 'LevelInfo' category and enter 'KFStoryGame.KFstoryGameInfo' in the 'DefaultGameType' field.


If you have done all of the above then you can now get started with Creating Objectives !