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Red Orchestra 2 Map
A nighttime battle over the Red Army barracks
Map Type Infantry
Creator Tripwire
Version Final
Game Modes CD,FF,TE
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Date: 5th September 1942

Location: Red Barracks, in the western suburbs of the city

German unit: 295.Inf.Div., XIV Pz.Korps

Soviet Unit: 482 Composite Rifle Regiment, 131 Rifle Division

Background: With 6th Army closed up on the outskirts of the city, the first units are pushed into the city, initially feeling for Russian resistance then, as the Russians seemed so weak, accelerating until they hit some of the odd pockets of resistance.

Situation: 71.Inf.Div. is leading LI Armee Korps into the western suburbs of the city, a tough, experienced infantry unit. The remnants of 131 Rifle Division had fallen back on the city, concentrating what force they had left on the barracks as a single “composite” regiment. The barracks is one of the many areas trashed in the Luftwaffe bombing a few days earlier, with just rubble and slit-trenches as fortifications.

Real life end result: 131 Rifle Division put up its last resistance here, was pinned, surrounded and destroyed in short order by the Germans.

Notes: This is also a real location, with some of the buildings actually being rebuilt after the war, so they are still there to look at, along ul. Rokossovskogo (Rokossovsky St.).



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