ActorX Skeletal Mesh Export

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.UKX Animation package of your character

1. this is assuming you have already installed the unreal actor x plugin for your install of 3DS max

2. actor x is available for 3DS max 9-11 and under here

3. actor x is available for 3DS max 12-14 here

4. make sure your characters material ids are set up correctly for unreal export

5. go to your actor x settings menu, you can find it in the utilities section on the modifier panel

6. detailed information of actor x can be found here

7. you'll only need to concern yourself with the section entitled "Export the skeleton and mesh" and a few of the settings we will be toggling on. The rest of that guide is about exporting animations which is not necessary for a playable Killing Floor character, here are is a snapshot of the settings we use

KF Player ActorXSettings.JPG

8. On the settings make sure "All Selected and All Textured" are checked, other settings should be left to default

9. select your skinned character and all of the bones for the default player rig

10. click Save Mesh/Ref Pose on the actor X panel