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Logging into Web Admin

After enabling web admin in the servers config files and setting an admin password, the next step is to log in. To do so just enter the IP of the server (either the LAN address on a local network or the public IP). After doing so the admin will be presented with the log in page. Admins will need to enter their admin name (default is "admin" if they have not set up multi admin yet) along with their admin password as well as select how long they would like to be logged into the system (with the maximum of a month).


An Introduction

Along the left hand side you will notice that there are several category options for admins to choose from. Immediately highlighted is the Current Game menu. This is the landing page of the web admin system that will give a brief overview about what the server is currently doing.


In the other menus players will find the controls to change a wide variety of options. Most of these changes will take affect after the next map change, but several will require the server to be restarted.

Menu What controls an admin will find here
Bots Allows admins can change the amount of bots on the server from this page. They can add and remove all or individual bots.
Change Map Allows admins to change the game type and map. Additional options are available to select mutators as well as pass in server ? arguments
Chat Console Allows admins to monitor in game chat from both teams as well as send text back to everybody or a selective team
Players Contains a list of all current players as well as options to kick or ban them from the server
Management Console Similar to running server commands when logged in as an admin in game, this allows admins to input console commands to the server
Access Policy Allows for the selective denial or acceptance of IP ranges to the server
Banned IDs Shows the current list of banned players and allows for the banning of new players by adding their SteamID to the system
Session Bans Shows the current list of players who have been session banned. Admins can choose to extend the ban to a full ban or remove the session ban before the map is over
Settings This is a menu that contains several sub-menus to controls a wide variety of game settings
General Contains controls for server advertisement, player and hero count, punkbuster level, basic game play settings, admin options, voting options, and chat/VOIP settings
Gameplay Contains settings for friendly fire, clan match, and general gameplay overrides
Passwords Allows for the changing of game and admin passwords
Welcome Screen Allows admins to set up the welcome screen image, text and link that players see when they join a server
Gametypes Allows admins to configure some game type specific settings for territory, countdown and firefight
Map Cycles Contains a list of all maps on the server and the ability for admins to create map lists that the server will cycle or use for voting
Mutators Allows admins to activate or deactivate mutators that are on the server.
Server Actors This is better off left alone
WebAdmin Allows admins to set up what webadmin functionality is turned on
Administrators (*) Admins who have enabled multi-admin in their config settings will find this option on their list. It allows for the creation/deletion/editing of admins
Log Out Logs out of webadmin