Version Mismatches

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Version Mismatches

What are Version Mismatches

Version mismatches are when a client connects a server a check is performed to ensure the client's files match up to the server either give the clients the missing files or check the client has the correct version. Should the check fail the server returns a 'Version Mismatch' Error and prevents the client from joining the server.

How the Version Control Works

When a file for Unreal is created, it is given a unique identifier (GUID), for example: B8C03AC511D59C9A45443F8500005453. When a client joins a server they compare packages and if the GUID does not match up then an error is produced telling you that your file is of a different version and you cannot join.

Why does it do this?

Two reasons, it ensures both client and server are running the latest version for compatibility and also to prevent cheating ie, translucent wall textures.

How this effects clients and modders If a client downloads a file from an ‘official’ source, ie the authors original post, and join a server with the same mod but that has been edited (either old or by someone else) then the client gets a version mismatch error message, preventing them from joining the server. This leaves the client having to either remove his installed version or find another server.

For the client this means wasted time and for a server admin a lost player.

For modders; the original author has to put up with problems caused by people editing his work and not taking steps to prevent mismatches.

What can be done to help prevent Version Mismatches?

Clients can try and download the latest versions of mods and muts from the author’s original post. Posts in other boards can try and link to the original thread rather than a link to the download.

Original Authors can use a different name per update. Simple version numbering will go a long way.

Modders/Server Admins that want to tweak things have a couple of choices. They can either ask the original author to include it in the next update, best for bugs and things like that or if they want to edit the file for their own purpose then rename the package. And name it something unique.


As an example let’s take a look at one that has cropped up recently. Marco’s serverperks is probably the most used mutator around and now probably the most edited. Unfortunately people have taken to tweaking the package for whatever reason be it extra functionality or bug fixing but have been doing so without renaming the package. Now think about what we have covered and what this can mean, ServerPerksVx is probably downloaded by nearly everyone that uses mutators, now they’ve installed it so they can play mods and then go looking for a server to play on, they find a likely match; map they like, good ping and some fun mods, go to connect and...’ version mismatch’! because the server admin is either not up to date or decided to be lazy when editing. This has a knock on effect.


A simple yet effective way in preventing version mismatches is to ensure each package has an unique name.

Weap - Weapons
Mob - New zeds and monsters
Mut - Mutators
_T – Texture
_A – Animations
_SM – Static Animations
_S – Sounds
Version Numbering
Additional - The adding of a unique identifier. For example the modder’s initials or name
IJCWeaponPack-WhiteV27 – Ivan & Jack Carver Includes a version number as well.
WhiskyColt – Whisky aka Gartley
BDHuntingRifleFinal – BrainDead