Update 1029 (Killing Floor 2)

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Killing Floor 2 update
Update 1029
KF2 Update BullseyeUpdate.png
Release Date April 14, 2016
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General Bugfixes

  • Fixed a rendering crash that happened more often on Prison
  • FleX is now stable and performing as expected. It’s been re-enabled in the UI
  • Fixed a bug where zeds had a difficult time damaging human players who were pinned against certain corners of the playing field
  • Fixed an issue where the trader trail was not showing for players who joined mid-match and spawned during trader time
  • Fixed Door traps causing zeds to slide
  • Fixed Crossbow not being able to damage zeds that were very close
  • Fixed being unable to pickup crossbow bolts and sawblades that are under water
  • Fixed being able to pickup crossbow bolts and eviscerator blades when your ammo was full for your weapon
  • Fixed Winchester & Crossbow now show up in the AAR
  • Fixed workshop maps not displaying in the map select UI
  • Fixed an issue where the Live Update system would stop working
    • We hope to follow this shortly with some tuning changes to the Game Conductor for Hell on Earth


  • Fixed players opening maps into versus survival when using the console window
  • Fixed a bug where two players could get stuck in the air on each other
  • Human player can no longer switch team to zed after death
  • Players can no longer switch teams if it would make the teams out of balance
  • Fixed Patty spawning multiple times after a match
  • Fixed zed player damage sometimes getting ignored and only applied (in one large sum) upon zed death
  • Gear menu is disabled while on zed team

Other Changes

  • R1/RightShoulder was reverted back to toggle alt-fire
  • Reduced flashlight brightness
  • Increased sensitivity when using crossbow scope
  • Credits no longer available during a match


  • Fixed an issue where players could go outside the map on Farmhouse and see Zed Player UI
  • Fixed various exploits and bugs in Prison
    • Can now pick up frustratingly taunting ammo box in Prison
  • Fixed bug in Volter Manor where Dosh could be thrown into unattainable locations