Update 1023 (Killing Floor 2)

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Killing Floor 2 update
Update 1023
KF2 Update RevengeOfTheZeds.png
Release Date February 11, 2016
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  • First pass of live player skill tracking system Game Conductor
    • Game Conductor is online watching live play - It does not make any gameplay changes at this time
  • Demo - Offperk skill was doing 15% instead of the intended 10%
  • Berserker - Melee attack speed % increase was not working properly as players ranked up
  • Gunslinger - changed how Uber Ammo skill works so dualies will not run out of ammo during Uber Ammo


  • If a player leaves the server and doesn’t drop the detonator, any deployed c4 will be removed
  • Continued to improve AI code to help prevent “walling”
  • Improved analytics system


  • Fixed a bug where clients that joined an in progress game could see already destroyed collectibles (and thus not be able to interact with them)
  • Fixed several gamepad issues in the options screens
  • Fixed not being able to save favorite servers while using a gamepad
  • Fix one case for zed warping online on inclines- other cases including high latency are still being worked on
  • Fixed the game displaying a pick up message when you dropped a 9mm from having dualies


We have shipped a client only hotfix that should fix server redirect not working correctly”

– Jared Creasy