Twisted Christmas 2012

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Twisted Christmas 2012 is a Christmas-themed event of Killing Floor, running from December 11th to January 3rd. It is the third in the twisted christmas series of events.

It features the return of Evil Santa and his minions, as well as a new map entitled Moonbase, three new weapons: the Schneidzekk Medic Gun, Zed Eradication Device, and Dwarfish Axe, the latter of which can be unlocked by making 40,000 gold in Dwarfs!?, allowing you to pull the axe out of the stone in Moonbase. Additionally, new achievements are added, the Baddest Santa character is once again available for unlocking, and new DLC: the Golden Weapon Pack, and D.A.R Character.



Moonbase is a new official map, with hints that it may have low-gravity as a feature. Scattered around the map are 16 parts required to build the Zed Eradication Device, which can be bought by all players once all parts have been collected. It is unknown whether the parts need to be scavenged on each playthrough, or if the weapon permanently unlocks.


Included in the event are three new official weapons.

  • Schneidzekk Medic Gun - A rapid fire medic gun with underslung medic dart launcher, perhaps comparable to a more powerful version of the MP7M.
  • Zed Eradication Device - A powerful, high-tech plasma rifle with built-in motion detector and statis field for slowing specimens down. It requires that all 16 of its parts are scavenged from Moonbase before it can be obtained.
  • Dwarfish Axe - A powerful axe capable of knocking enemies back. Can only be obtained by first earning a total score of at least 40,000 gold in Dwarfs!? (the total is displayed at the top of the game screen, to the right of the gold of the current game), and then pulling the axe from the stone in Moonbase. The gold can be obtained over several games. It is unknown if this will only be attainable during the event.


Unknown at present.


As part of the event, two new DLC packs have been made available for purchase.

  • Golden Weapon Pack - Contains gold-plated versions of the AK47, Combat Shotgun, Katana, and M79. It is presumed that they are simply reskins, and that the attributes are identical to their standard counterparts.
  • D.A.R - Known as the Domestic Assistance Robot, this robotic character is one of Horzine's creations. It features a dynamic spark emitter.

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