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{{RO2 Maps
{{RO2 Maps

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This template is a work in progress.

To do

  • Need to add the following information: (?).


Red Orchestra 2 Map
A Remake of the classic RO map Danzig
Map Type Infantry
Creator Tripwire
Version Final
Game Modes CD,FF,TE
RO Ost Remake Danizg
Download {{{Download}}}

{{RO2 Maps
|Desc=A Remake of the classic RO map Danzig
|Image=Trader MP7m.png

Available parameters


  • Name - Map name
  • Desc - Brief Description of the Map
  • Image - Image name of Map, excluding the file: part
  • MapType - Infantry, Combined Arms, or Tank
  • Creator - Name of the map Creator or Team
  • Version - Beta version number or indication that it is Final
  • GameType - Supported Game Types such as CD,FF,TE
  • Remake - Ostfront map name that is being remade