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Killing Floor 2 character
Ana Larive
KF2 Character AnaLarive Head DeathRain.png
Sex Female
Age 29
Origin French
Place of Birth Lens, France
Occupation Part-time Photographer/Waitress
Birth Sign Virgo ♍
Likes Ruins, Photography and Death Metal
Dislikes Macho-men, Rules and Euro-pop Music
Voice Actor Laura Post




| Name= Name of the character Example: Ana Larive

| CharacterImage= Name of the image of the corresponing character Example: KF2_Character_AnaLarive.png

| Sex= Gender of the character Example: Female

| Age= Age of the character Example: 29

| Origin= Origin of the character Example: French

| PlaceOfBirth= Place where the character were born Example: Lens, France

| Occupation= Occupation of the character Example: Part-time Photographer/Waitress

| BirthSign= Name of the birth sign of the character
Automatically adds the birth sign behind the name
Example: Virgo

| Likes= Likes of the Character Example: Ruins, Photography and Death Metal

| Dislikes= Dislikes of the character Example: Macho-men, Rules and Euro-pop Music

| VoiceActor= Name of the voice actor Example: Laura Post



Copy this template for quick usage.

| Name=
| CharacterImage=
| Sex=
| Age=
| Origin=
| PlaceOfBirth=
| Occupation=
| BirthSign=
| Likes=
| Dislikes=
| VoiceActor=