TT-33 Pistol

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The TT-33 is a single-action, semiautomatic pistol that served alongside the aging Model 1895 Nagant revolver as the Red Army's chief sidearm throughout the Second World War. Wielded by officers, tankers, aircraft crew, machine gunners, and other support personnel both on and off the frontline, the TT-33 saw action throughout the war on the Eastern Front. Though popularly considered a copy of the Colt M1911 design, the TT-33 features many unique design elements that make it a distinct weapon. Most notably, the weapon fires from an exposed hammer, which also doubles as a safety on most World War Two models. Red Army TT-33s featured a star emblazoned "C.C.C.P." on both sides of the handgrip. In service, the TT-33 was an accurate pistol, usable out to 50 meters, and proved itself durable under any conditions. Chambered for use with the bottle-necked 7.62 X 25mm Tokarev cartridge, the TT-33 was also quite hard-hitting.

After the war, the People's Republic of China manufactured many TT-33s domestically. These "Type 54" pistols can be distinguished by the Norinco manufacturer's emblem, Chinese markings, and often modernized features such as an external thumb safety.

In-game, the TT-33 is issued to Marksmen, Squad Leaders, Commanders, Elite Riflemen, Machine Gunners, and Anti-Tank Soldiers. In the relaxed realism mode, it is also available to any soldier that has achieved the rank of Frontline Soldier. It is best used as a backup weapon for support weapons such as anti-tank rifles, or as an emergency option in the event that a primary weapon is out of ammunition. The pistol is fairly accurate in-game, and boasts good stopping power, semi-reliably killing an enemy soldier with a single shot to the upper chest.