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* For comparison, a healthy player character with minimal weight walks at a speed of 383, and sprints at a speed of 460. <br />
* For comparison, a healthy player character with minimal weight walks at a speed of 383, and sprints at a speed of 460. <br />
* These values increased by 1% per level for Berserkers, Gunslingers and Medics. <br />
* These values are increased by 1% per level for Berserkers, Gunslingers and Medics. <br />
== Resistances ==
== Resistances ==

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The new Scrake

General Information

The Scrake is a slow moving (when not enraged) zed that attempts to close distance with the player and assault him with his massive chain saw arm. When brought to a certain health percentage (changed based on difficulty setting), he will immediately enrage and charge the player that he is locked on to. Unlike the Fleshpound, his enrage is permanent until killed, although an EMP grenade from the berserker will temporarily cause it to stop. His speed while enraged is faster than any player and his wild movements once within melee range make it very difficult to head shot while engaging a player. He is considered to be of critical threat to players due to his large health pool, very high and often area of effect attacks, and intense speed when enraged. Due to his slow base speed however, it is possible, given the right situation, to ignore this threat through kiting until you are more prepared to deal with it.


Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on earth
Bounty £83 £75 £65 £49
XP 34 45 60 69
Base Health (Body) 1100 1100 1485 1705
Base Health (Head) 600 600 690 750

Multiplayer Scaling

- Scrakes have their health value scaled accordingly to the number of players in the game.
- The Scrake's base body health is 1100 on Normal, 1100 on Hard, 1485 on Suicidal, and 1705 on Hell on Earth.
- The Scrake's base head health is 600 on Normal, 600 on Hard, 690 on Suicidal, and 750 on Hell on Earth.
- These values are increased for every additional living player in the game, meaning the health values are determined by the number of players that are alive when they are spawned.
- The Scrake's health values on Normal, solo, are scaled below his base values.

Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on earth
Body / Head (1 Player) 935 / 510 1100 / 600 1485 / 690 1705 / 750
Body / Head (2 Player) 1402 / 663 1650 / 780 2227 / 896 2557 / 975
Body / Head (3 Player) 1870 / 816 2200 / 960 2970 / 1104 3410 / 1150
Body / Head (4 Player) 2337 / 969 2750 / 1140 3712 / 1311 4262 / 1425
Body / Head (5 Player) 2805 / 1122 3300 / 1320 4455 / 1518 5115 / 1650
Body / Head (6 Player) 3272 / 1275 3850 / 1500 5197 / 1725 5967 / 1875


- Scrakes will only enrage when their health drops below a certain threshold, determined by difficulty. This threshold is 50% on Normal, 75% on Hard and Suicidal, and 90% on Hell on Earth.
- Scrakes will never stop sprinting until they are killed.
- Movement speed is randomized, but is skewed towards higher values as difficulty increases.
- Movement speed is set to maximum at all times on Hell on Earth difficulty.

Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on earth
Speed (Walking) 153 - 187 153 - 187 153 - 187 153 - 187
Speed (Enraged) 540 - 660 540 - 660 540 - 660 540 - 660
Rage Threshold (Health %) 50% 75% 75% 90%
  • For comparison, a healthy player character with minimal weight walks at a speed of 383, and sprints at a speed of 460.
  • These values are increased by 1% per level for Berserkers, Gunslingers and Medics.


- Scrakes greatly resist Slashing and Explosives, while having a crippling weakness to Microwaves.
- The Scrake has a unique weakness to the RPG-7's impact damage. The Scrake will take 400% damage when directly hit by an RPG.

Ballistics Piercing Slashing Bludgeon Toxic Fire Microwave Explosives EMP RPG-7 Impact
Damage Taken Multipler 100% 100% 50% 100% 100% 100% 200% 50% 100% 400%

- Scrakes only have 1 weak spots, which is the head.
- Their chainsaw deflects attacks.

Hit Zone Damage Factor
Head 110%
Chainsaw 50%
All other 100%

Behavior and Extermination Tactics

- Scrakes are highly dangerous and require co-operation from the team to take down safely. While soloing it is possible, doing so is time consuming and leaves little room for error.
- When Scrakes are spawned on the map, they announce their entrance with a global roar, accompanied by the sound of a chainsaw revving up.
- Scrakes will walk slowly towards players when spawned. When damaged below a certain health percentage, they will permanently enrage and begin sprinting at high speed. On higher difficulties they have enough speed to outrun players.
- Because of this, Scrakes can be safely ignored through movement until the team is ready to fight.
- When docile, Scrakes attack by swinging their chainsaw at players at a moderate speed, or repeatedly stabbing with their chainsaw. They are easily avoided due to the Scrake's low speed when docile.
- When enraged, Scrakes begin swinging their chainsaws in circular motions, always slashing 3 times in quick succession. They deal high area of effect damage and can kill unprepared players in seconds.
- When enraged, Scrakes attack with full body pivots, making headshots extremely difficult.
- On higher difficulties, Scrakes don't gain any new abilities. Instead, they enrage earlier, move faster and attack more relentlessly.

Solo Tactics

- General: Scrakes can be stumbled by the melee bash (V). When a Scrake is chasing you and you need some breathing room to reload, bash it and continue running away.
- General: Try not to leave Scrakes as the last 5 Zeds remaining in a wave or they will automatically rage.
- General: Killing a Scrake through headshots/decapitation becomes more and more important as difficulty and number of players increases. Their body health and head health scale disproportionately, making decapitation kills the most ammo-efficient.

- Commandos can utilize the high damage per shot of the SCAR-H Assault Rifle to decapitate Scrakes. In fact, a Commando is very capable of exterminating Scrakes given enough kiting room and footwork finese. Before confronting a Scrake, kill the lesser Zeds around, so you don't get ambushed while fighting the Scrake. Shoot the Scrake's head until it enrages, then sprint backwards while dodging the Scrake's attacks. Stop sprinting and continue landing shots on the Scrake's head inbetween it's attacks when it resets to sprinting.

- Most of the Commando's tactics apply to the Medic, except the Medic has an easier time kiting due to increased movement speed. Land headshots using the HMTECH-401 Assault Rifle or the HMTECH-301 Shotgun.
- In addition, the Medic has the added bonus of being able to stumble the Scrake by shooting at it's legs, buying a few precious seconds to reload or gain distance.

- Supports can deal heavy damage to Scrakes with the AA-12 Auto Shotgun and M4-Combat Shotgun. In fact, it is possible to decapitate the Scrake without having to reload if your aim is good.
- When headshots are no longer can option, wildly firing into the Scrake's body with the AA-12 Auto Shotgun can deal enough damage to kill it outright in solo, though it is more ammo efficient to kite it and land headshots in between it's attacks.
- When using the Double-Barrel Boomstick, a good Support player can dodge all of the Scrake's attacks by jumping and firing both barrels at once, using the recoil to push yourself out of the Scrake's attack range when it begins swinging.

- Berserkers will have to engage a Scrake in melee combat if they are using the Pulverizer or Zweihander. While a Scrake is docile, it is easy to land strong attacks on it, as they will stumble the Scrake on hit. Try to aim for the head.
- Berserkers are able to parry the Scrake's attacks to greatly reduce damage taken while they are docile. Successfully parrying a Scrake's attack will also stumble it, leaving it open for a strong attack of your own.
- Scrakes cannot be parried once they are enraged, this is indicated by the glowing red aura that forms around their chainsaw when they are attacking. If you attempt to parry, it will instead be counted as a block, and will not stumble the Scrake.
- To reduce the amount of damage you take while fighting a Scrake, use EMP Grenades to stop it's rage. This will force the Scrake back to it's docile state where all of it's attacks can be parried.
- Using the EMP Grenade strategy, one can decapitate a Scrake using the Eviscerator. On solo, it only takes 2 to 3 well-placed headshots to slice the Scrake's head clean off. De-raging a Scrake allows you to take potshots at it's head at a distance, allowing easy decapitations with minimal damage taken.
- Using the Eviscerator's melee chainsaw attack is rather ineffective and will leave you open to be attacked, though when forced to do so, aim for the Scrake's head to stumble it.

- Demolitionists are at a disadvantage against a Scrake, as they greatly resist explosives. The Demolitionist's most effective way of dealing with a Scrake is with a direct headshot with the RPG-7, which deals insane damage to it's head and, if the Demolitionist has the "Off-Perk" skill, will knock the Scrake down, giving the Demolitionist enough time to reload the RPG and fire another shot.

- Firebugs can exterminate Scrakes very easily, as the Microwave Gun is designed for this very purpose. The Scrake has a crippling weakness to Microwaves and will take extreme damage.
- When the Microwave Gun is not available, using the Flamethrower or Caulk N Burn will suffice for lower difficulties. Aim for the Scrake's feet as you kite so the Scrake will take damage from stationary ground fire in addition to direct impact damage and burn damage.

- Gunslingers can exterminate Scrakes rather competently as well. Landing multiple headshots with either the .500 Magnum Revolver or the .50CAL Desert Eagle will quickly decapitate the Scrake. Gunslingers are also able to kite extremely well due to the increased movement speed.
- Gunslingers that are level 20 gain the ability to knockdown a Scrake by shooting it in it's legs when it's sprinting. When the Scrake is knocked down, quickly unload all your ammunition into it's head.

Team Tactics

- Upon sighting a Scrake, be sure to call out to let your team know of the Scrake's position. This will give everyone time to prepare for the fight.
- Never shoot a Scrake and enrage it before your team is ready to deal with it. Generally, the best time to attack Scrakes is when most of the lesser Zeds in the area have been cleared out. Scrakes are notorious for wiping out teams when a straggler pisses one off and runs back to his team with a sprinting Scrake while they are surrounded by other Zeds.
- In addition, try to fight one Scrake at a time. Having multiple raging Scrakes usually means a team wipe.

- Gunslingers and Commandos are able to take potshots on a Scrake's head while they are docile. Try to deal as much damage as possible to the head before they enrage, using your strong weapons. Berserkers can make this process easier with their EMP Grenade, which will prevent a Scrake from raging for a few seconds. Utilizing this tactic allows a coordinated team with good aim to decapitate and neutralize a Scrake before it can even begin raging.
- When headshots are no longer an option, wildly firing into's body can help whittle down it's health from concentrated fire.

- Firebugs are capable of dealing the highest damage per second to a Scrake in a team with the Microwave Gun. It is the Firebug's job to assist in killing Scrakes when it has broken past the team's defenses and started it's rampage. Fire at it while the Berserker keeps it busy, however don't go too close or the Scrake might switch targets.

- Supports can provide highly damaging supporting fire on Scrakes using their automatic shotguns. Most of the time you will not directly kill the Scrake, but will severely weaken it for the team. Whenever possible, aim for headshots.

- Demolitionists are ill-equipped to deal with Scrakes in team games, however they should be allowed to get the first shot on a Scrake, as the RPG-7's headshot damage is extremely high and sets the Scrake up for decapitation by his teammates. If you must assist with killing a Scrake, hit it directly with the RPG-7 as explosions do minimal damage. However with the help of a Berserker's EMP Grenade, a Demolitionist with good aim can kill a Scrake with only RPG-7 Headshots.
- Generally the Demolitionist contributes greater to a Scrake fight by continuing to blow up the lesser Zeds to prevent the team from being overrun.

- Medics should concentrate on healing their teammates (especially the Berserker) while they are fighting the Scrake, only shooting it in the legs every once in a while to stumble it. At range, try to contribute headshot damage.