Scoped MN9130

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The Scoped Mosin Nagant M91/30 rifle is issued as a sniper variant for the "Marksman" class. A bayonet attachment can be unlocked for the infantry rifle and at level 50 for the sniper rifle. Sniper variants include the 3.5x PU, introduced around the time of Stalingrad and therefore fairly rare during the battle (this is the starting version), a top-mounted 4x PEM (level 25, and fairly common at the time), and at level 50 the side-mounted PEM (by far the most common type during the battle of Stalingrad and used by the most famous snipers, including Zaytsev and Chekhov. If anything, this should have been the initial scope, not the PU). In addition, early PU scopes were visually very different from the later (post-1943) production example the ingame model is based off of. The first PU scopes had brass lens fittings, squared-off bases for the adjustment drums, and were often made of a light alloy known as 'silium'. The existing stock of SVT-40 PU scopes was also drawn upon, resulting in many 1942-43 91/30 sniper rifles bearing these. The SVT-40 variant of the PU scope is easily identified by the longer cut for the mount used on that rifle, causing a visible 'step up' in tube diameter when mounted on a 91/30.